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Wokasch interviewed by Star Tribune about NYC Fashion Week

Glassman at the Star Tribune about her recent trip to New York City for Fashion Week. Wokasch worked behind the scenes for designer Rachel Antonoff during the showing of Antonoff’s Fall 2011 collection.

Wokasch also attended a book signing for Emerging Fashion Designers (Schiffer Books) by Sally Congdon-Martin. Wokasch is included in the book as well as College of Design graduates Lauren Koehne (BS Clothing Design and Retail Merchandising, 2009), Laura Musekamp (BS Clothing Design and Retail Merchandising, 2009), and Elyse Olson (BS Clothing Design, 2009).

Minnesotan gets true N.Y. experience” by Sara Glassman, Star Tribune

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Images from 2010 Welcome Week yarn event

Associate Dean Brad Hokanson (Graphic Design) has collected images from the Welcome Week yarn event in the Rapson Hall courtyard. More than 200 first-year College of Design students participated in the community- and creativity-building events on Thursday, September 2, 2010. At 2:30 p.m., students gathered in the courtyard for discussions about the academic experience that are “drawn” with yarn, a technique that balances the conversation visually. The students then fill the entire courtyard with yarn. About about 4 p.m., the students gathered in the Rapson Hall auditorium to create the sounds of rain and a thunderstorm using only their hands. “These activities help demonstrate to students the connections that a university experience provides, and, more importantly, that even an impossible task can be accomplished with some creativity and your peers,” said Hokanson.

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