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Apparel Design Students Imagine Eco-Friendly Fashion Industry

Ian Harris' design for (RE)Generation

The global fashion industry is one of the most resource-intensive in the world. On Wednesday, April 25, apparel design students will re-imagine the industry and shine a light on its environmental impact at the Weisman Art Museum’s (RE)generation showcase.

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Get Your Tickets for Elements: Design Competition & Runway Show

This spring semester the Weisman Art Museum will host its third annual design competition. The museum's student group, WAM Collective, in partnership with the University of Minnesota College of Design have asked sixteen student designers to create ready-for-the-runway garments. Taking inspiration from the Weisman's exhibition, Siberia: Imagined and Reimagined, the competition will showcase designs with an emphasis on sustainability. TICKETS: Reserve your ticket now. Designs will draw upon the landscapes, materials, textures, and traditions of Siberia, while also responding to the environmental questions the region raises. Over the course of their design process, contestants will consider topics such as, sustainable design; environmental, ecological, and labor support structures in the garment industry; and how garment production exploits or depletes these systems…

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Weisman Art Museum Window Display Honors Campus Leaders

In Dooyoung Choi's Visual Merchandising class (RM 3243) this semester, students learn about conceptualizing and designing store interiors, layouts, fixtures, lighting, signs, and merchandising planograms. They also competed to design a new Weisman Art Museum (WAM) shop window display. The winning team includes Kimberly Jurichko, Amanda Lai, Thanh Nguyen, and Alanna Norton. The goal of the project, explains Choi, is for students to, "conceptually create a window display for the WAM shop reflecting pieces currently on view in the museum and showcasing WAM shop's merchandise."View images of the new display, a behind the scenes photo shoot, and the story behind the WAM merchandise.The winning design drew its inspiration from Mohamud Mumin's The Youth/Dhallinyarada, a photo exhibition highlighting 13 Somali-American men…

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