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Turning a Parking Wasteland Into a Neighborhood … With a New Stadium

Over the past two weeks, 160 teams from 70 universities around the U.S. and Canada have been thinking about one thing: downtown Minneapolis. Participants in this year's Gerald D. Hines Urban Design Competition were challenged to create a comprehensive development program for the neighborhood surrounding the site of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. College of Design students Brice Aarrestad (M.Arch), Phil Bussey (M.Arch), Jodi Refsland (MLA), Kyle Van Someren (B.S. Arch '08) and Jason Vanselow (M.Arch) are busy representing the home team. "We know this area to be a parking wasteland," said Aarrestad. "We hope to accomplish an urban design that makes living in East Downtown attractive, convenient, and full of rich experiences every day, not just Viking game days."…

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