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On Display: I-35W and the Future of Minneapolis?

Nearly sixty years ago the United States funded the construction of the interstate highway system, influenced by Germany's autobahns. But unlike the European model, our highways didn't just run the edges of cities. They ran through them and around their downtown districts. NEWS: Stitching Minneapolis Together Again (MinnPost)PHOTOS: I-35W and the future of Minneapolis?"The process demolished hundreds of blocks of real estate, divided neighborhoods and degraded the quality of life for thousands of urban residents, creating enormous amounts of noise and air pollution," explains Mic Johnson, interim director of the Metropolitan Design Center. "The time has come to repair these self-inflicted wounds and stitch our cities back together if we hope to thrive – socially, environmentally, and economically – in…

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Carmody cited in Central Corridor Light-Rail Transit article

The Central Corridor Light-Rail Transit line currently under construction in the Twin Cities offers opportunities for experimenting with green energy solutions. The Energy Innovation Corridor (EIC) covers the space within a quarter-mile of the transit line and provides a place to implement experimental green energy projects including solar power, electric car charging stations, LEED-certified buildings, and others.

The University is an EIC partner and the College of Design’s Center for Sustainable Building Research has been measuring energy use, production, conservation and other elements along the EIC, John Carmody (Center for Sustainable Building Research) tells Danielle Nordine writing for the Minnesota Daily.

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