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[Photos + Video] Design Intersections 2013

At a time when design plays a growing role in business success, there remains a communications gap between design production and design leadership. How do you bridge it? Greg Van Bellinger (B.S. Apparel '88), Hardlines Design Director at Target, spoke at Design Intersections on Thursday, May 2 about what it takes to bring strategic, thoughtful design to the marketplace. Images from the May 2013 eventDesign Intersections is a series of presentations by designers and representatives from other disciplines regarding the consequences and potential for design-induced change. Susan Sokolowski (Ph.D. DHA '99) will speak at Design Intersections in October 2013. Visit the Design Intersections website for more information.More stories from the College of Design:Barry Kudrowitz on Food, Space, and 3D…

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Retail Merchandising Students Develop 3D Virtual Stores

Working with Target Corporation’s Merchandise Presentation Department, eighty-one students competed in a visual merchandising innovation challenge this spring.  Students were given challenges in three different departments: Boys, Men’s, and Ready to Wear and worked in teams to develop strategies addressing those challenges and implementing their solutions in a 3D virtual store.  First prize was awarded to Sarah Lundberg and Natasha Bursch; second prize to Sasenka Curic and Joe LeGarde II; and third prize to Katy Anderson and Liz Schenkat. The following teams received honorable mentions: Jennifer Silbernagel and Michelle Kisrow; Rebecca Doepke and Erika O’Brien; Kaitlyn Grabinski, Michelle Conklin, and Jessica Chiu; and Landon Hersch and Elizabeth Wilson.(Back row, left to right) Sara Lundberg, Natasha Bursch, Celeste Bosn, David Sommer, Amy…

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Jenna Koller (BS '02 Retail Merchandising) Named National Account Manager for L'Oreal

Jenna Koller (BS '02 Retail Merchandising) accepted a position as National Account Manager for L'Oreal Paris Skin and Sun Care, one of the largest beauty care companies in the world. Koller, who previously worked as the Key Account Manager for L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics, will be responsible for achieving L'Oreal Paris Skin and Sun Care sales volume, market share, and profit objectives for Wal-Mart. In her 2011 career profile, Koller's advice for current students is to keep an open mind about the future, "Retail is a large industry, its not just about becoming a Target or Macy's buyer. Retail encompasses grocery, manufacturing, sales, product design and the list goes on. Retail is everywhere and there are so many different avenues one…

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Ada Ojiaku (BS Retail Merchandising '06) Joins Target Corporation

Ada Ojiaku (BS Retail Merchandising '06) announced that she will be joining the Target Corporation as a product manager. She'll work with buyers to source vendors used for hard line, private label brands. Previously a video game software buyer for Best Buy, Ojiaku is the current alumni president of the Design Student and Alumni Board. You can find more information about the retail merchandising program here.Would you like to be a member of the Design Student and Alumni Board? Applications are currently being accepted for the 2012-2013 school year (download PDF)….

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Monday Minute, October 24, 2011: Our summit with Target

Dear Colleagues, As I mentioned in my last Monday Minute, on Thursday and Friday of last week we held a two-day charette with Target to devise a better relationship between our two entities. While a mere three miles separates two of the biggest design leaders in the country, too often our work together remains ad hoc. While these relationships have been terrific, when someone gets promoted or moves, the bond that had been established breaks. We want to change that. So, with a desire to foster greater synergies between us, approximately 50 (25 from CDes & 25 from Target) got together and used some of that design thinking we teach everyday to explore new and exciting opportunities. During both…

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Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum partners with Target on back-to-school collection

Bill Moran, typography lecturer in the College of Design’s graduate minor program, is currently the artistic director at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum and has partnered with Target to produce a back-to-school collection for the retailer.

The museum houses the world’s largest collection of wood type, with 1.5 million plates of graphics that include crowns, roaring tigers, 1950s movie posters, circus imagery and countless letters and numbers. Graphics from the museum will appear on pencil cases, handbags, pajamas and clothing for boys, girls, men and women in 1,755 Target stores nationwide beginning July 10, 2011.

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Target VP Michael Alexin meets with Apparel Design and Retail Merchandising students

Karen LaBat‘s (Apparel Design) Apparel Design and Retail Merchandising students in ADES 4215 Product Development: Softlines course met with Michael Alexin, Target VP for Product Design and Development, on March 31, 2011. Alexin spoke with the students about innovation at Target and opportunities in the apparel industry.

Target Alexin VP with AD students 2011.jpg

Michael Alexin and Apparel Design students Elise Diebel and Leslie Randall in the Apparel Design Computer Lab.

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Fisher cited in New Urban News article about Target Field

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) is cited in an article about Target Field by Philip Langdon in New Urban News. Fisher provides a critique of the ball park:

“We can walk to the bus stop two blocks from my house [in neighboring St. Paul], and it takes us right to the bus depot next to the stadium, where we can take an escalator up to the plaza and come out to one of the great open spaces in the city, with ‘baseball bat’ light sculptures leading to the gates of the stadium….

“When we enter the stadium, the wide galleries offer views of the field from almost every angle. … When we finally arrive at our seats many stories in the air, the city skyline and the arc of the stadium open in front of us…. [S]pending hours with so many people in the midst of that urban spectacle reminds us of why we live in cities: to remember that we are all a part of something much larger than ourselves.”

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