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Local Food, Local Grocers: Posters to Promote Eating Sustainably in Rural Minnesota

For residents of rural Minnesota, eating sustainably year-round can be a challenge. This spring, a graphic design class created posters to promote a key link in the local food chain: small grocery stores. “In some areas of rural Minnesota, just as in some parts of the city, residents—especially those with limited mobility—struggle to find and purchase healthy food ingredients. Farmers […]

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Boots on the Ground: Design Community Outreach

Update: April 28, 2016 My experience with the RA in Practice program, watching it energize people and grow to take on a life of its own, has reinforced to me the idea that collaboration inspires, empowers, and facilitates accomplishment. As a current student in the College of Design and former RA in Practice, the experiences I’ve had have been invaluable […]

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Biomimicry, Biophilia, and Regenerative Design: an Architecture-Biology Collaboration

What happens when you invite biology students into the architecture studio? This spring, students in an MArch biomimicry module expanded their knowledge, vocabulary, and design toolkits by collaborating with graduate students from the College of Biological Sciences. Blaine Brownell and Marc Swackhamer have taught the seven-week Hypernatural studio in past semesters, but this spring was the first time they invited […]

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