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Building a Strong Foundation: Q&A with Valerie Quarles

Valerie Quarles

Since kindergarten, Valerie Quarles has been surrounded by the remodeling and redesign of her family’s 1910 historic home. Once she was old enough she went from watching the remodel to helping design it.

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Building Wealth in Communities of Color: Deborah Mitchell (Housing Studies) Begins Internship at HOMECo

PhD candidate Deborah Mitchell (Housing Studies) received a 2015 Internship Award from the University of Minnesota Graduate School to intern this summer at Housing Opportunities Made Equitable Collaborative (HOMECo). Mitchell has lived in St. Paul since 1993, and has always had a passion for community engagement. She began to think critically about racial disparities and services available to families in […]

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Meet the 2014 Thomas F. Ellerbe Scholarship Recipients

This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the Thomas F. Ellerbe (TFE) scholarship. The TFE Scholarship Foundation was initially funded by the Ellerbe Associates, Inc. firm in 1981 to honor Tom Ellerbe (pictured right), 88 years old at the time, for his ongoing generosity of personally giving full year scholarships to worthy University of Minnesota and Notre Dame architectural students. The TFE scholarship also includes engineering students. To date there have been 16 engineering and 56 architectural recipients receiving a total of $133,000 in awards. MORE: Past recipients of the Thomas F. Ellerbe scholarshipThrough a juried process, five architectural finalists and one engineering finalist were selected for the 2014 award: Will Adams, Philip Bussey, Amy Ennen, Mitchell Hein, Claire Lonsbury, and…

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Sandra Arciniega to Attend Community Development Conference in Ohio

Sandra Arciniega (Housing Studies) received a travel scholarship from the Community Development Society (CDS) to attend their Annual International Conference July 21-25, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The goal of CDS is to provide leadership to professionals and citizens across the spectrum of community development. The conference brings together members to discuss best practices and current research in their field. "I want to be a part of creating working, livable, and viable communities," said Arciniega, who also has a concentration in Community Development and Policy. "Attending this conference will give me the opportunity to be surrounded by individuals who have extensive knowledge and experience." She plans to pursue a career developing sustainable, affordable housing. "Affordable housing plays a vital role in…

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