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Metropolitan Design Center: Rethinking St. Paul's Central High School Landscape

A new report by the Metropolitan Design Center (MDC) proposes design alternatives to the current landscape surrounding the entrance to St. Paul's Central High School. The project was initiated by school administrators, a group of motivated parents, and several students who felt dissatisfied with the current space. The MDC developed their redesign around the philosophical model of Rodney H. Matsuoka, who believes the presence of an attractive and welcoming landscape surrounding institutions of learning has been connected with higher graduation rates and test scores and an increased percentage of students planning to attend College. BEFOREAFTERThe MDC conducted field survey work over the course of several days, observing site conditions, the flow of surface water, student behavior and movement patterns….

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CSBR releases windows life cycle assessment report

DWM, the Door & Window Manufacturer Magazine, publishes a media release announcing the college’s Center for Sustainable Building Research and the Athena Sustainable Materials Institute have released a report assessing the life cycle of windows in North America. Entitled Life Cycle Assessment of North American Residential and Commercial Windows: Life Cycle Goal and Scope Specification, the report provides a standardized and accurate environmental life cycle assessment of windows. The USGlass News Network also carries the media release.

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