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PLAYsentations Celebrates 10 Years as STAYsentations

The Switch N Spray created by Team Cyan

Working with College of Design facilities, IT staff, and community partners the Product Design Program refocused and adapted its popular Product Design Innovation Lab for remote learning.

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Interior Design Adapts to Remote Teaching and Learning

McNeal Hall Atrium

When the decision was made to shift classes to remote learning, faculty, students, and staff undertook one of the biggest teaching and learning challenges to date. As the semester wraps up, our interior design instructors share how they adapted their spring classes to remote learning, the challenges they faced in the process, and what they learned through the experience.

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In the Face of Change, Landscape Architecture Adapts

Change is intrinsic to the field of landscape architecture, which has prepared the Department of Landscape Architecture to meet the rapid changes we are facing on a daily basis. Department Head Joe Favour shares how his department has adapted in this end of the semester update.

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