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Retail Merchandising Students Develop 3D Virtual Stores

Working with Target Corporation’s Merchandise Presentation Department, eighty-one students competed in a visual merchandising innovation challenge this spring.  Students were given challenges in three different departments: Boys, Men’s, and Ready to Wear and worked in teams to develop strategies addressing those challenges and implementing their solutions in a 3D virtual store.  First prize was awarded to Sarah Lundberg and Natasha Bursch; second prize to Sasenka Curic and Joe LeGarde II; and third prize to Katy Anderson and Liz Schenkat. The following teams received honorable mentions: Jennifer Silbernagel and Michelle Kisrow; Rebecca Doepke and Erika O’Brien; Kaitlyn Grabinski, Michelle Conklin, and Jessica Chiu; and Landon Hersch and Elizabeth Wilson.(Back row, left to right) Sara Lundberg, Natasha Bursch, Celeste Bosn, David Sommer, Amy…

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Graphic Design Professor Steven McCarthy: Int'l Presentaions, Exhibits, and Forthcoming Titles in 2012

Graphic design professor Steven McCarthy has been selected to present his paper "Designer as Author Activist: A Model for Engagement" at the Design Research Society's biennial conference in Bangkok, Thailand this July. The Design Research Society is the longest established multi-disciplinary worldwide learned society for the design research community. Professor McCarthy has taught at the College of Design since 1998, and attended an international design-related conference every year since 2001. He recently signed a contract with BIS Publishing to write a forth-coming book about design authorship. Steven's graphic design work has been published in Graphis Poster, the American Institute of Graphic Arts annual, HOW, Page and in Provocative Graphics: The Power of the Unexpected in Graphic Design, among others….

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Fifth Graders Take College Course in Design

This December, Terry Wiley's fifth grade class at Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Paul, MN took their first college course in design. As part of a new initiative at the college to keep creativity vibrant in children, the Student Services team, led by Lori Swenson and Nikki Mumma, at the College of Design "adopted" the entire class. Last Wednesday's gathering was the first of many planned for the future to help the students learn first-hand about the College of Design and how thinking like designers can help them with problem-solving. The first exercise of the morning was orchestrated by Tex Ostvig, coordinator of Kids on Campus. Ostvig jumped in with the kids and talked about the importance of…

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