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Shayla Dallmann and Drew Schmidt Awarded Portfolio 1-on-1 Scholarships

Graphic design seniors Shayla Dallmann and Drew Schmidt were awarded American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Minnesota scholarships at Portfolio 1-on-1. The annual event, held on April 12th and 13th, is an opportunity for design students and recent graduates to present their portfolios to experienced creative professionals for intensive reviews, constructive conversations, and valuable connections. "I was excited for the chance to see more design studios and receive professional feedback on my portfolio," said Dallmann. "Overall it was a great experience, I received awesome feedback and met some very talented individuals." Schmidt mentioned that he was a bit tired the day of the conference because of the sleepless nights working on his portfolio leading up to the day, but added,…

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Cory Etzkorn's Portfolio Earns Award from AIGA

Cory Etzkorn (Graphic Design) was awarded an American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Minnesota Scholarship during the 2012 Portfolio 1-on-1 student portfolio conference. The regional event puts developing design students and their books in front of experienced creative professionals for intensive reviews, constructive conversations, and valuable connections. Judges for the competition were Dante Carlos, Senior Designer at Walker Art Center; Craig Franke, Principal and Creative Director of Franke+Fiorella; Tim Larsen, President of Larsen Design; and Rett Martin (BS ’04 Graphic Design), Director of UX & Creative at Clockwork Active Media Systems. “It was truly an honor to receive the AIGA MN scholarship at portfolio 1-on-1,” said Etzkorn. “Minneapolis has an amazing design community and I’ve been fortunate enough to work…

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Daily profiles college undergraduates, portfolio review

Most of the College of Design’s undergraduate programs require completion of courses for credit and a portfolio review before admission to the program. Ashley Bray, writing for the Minnesota Daily, profiles a couple of College of Design undergraduate students — Bailey Sears, Graphic Design sophomore; and Alix Nettnay, Apparel Design senior — as they prepare for their respective portfolio reviews.

Bray cites Daniel Jasper (Graphic Design) as saying 25 percent of the 61 students who applied for the Graphic Design portfolio review did not pass. Jasper said “it’s important that design programs set these high standards for students. Having the review helps to maintain the rigorous content of design curriculums and ensures the program is producing quality students.” He added that the Graphic Design faculty are considering adding a second portfolio review after students’ junior year.

Stephanie Zollinger (Interior Design) told Bray, that the portfolio review “tells us is that [students] have competencies, or this level of understanding, that is needed to move forward.” Zollinger added that college advisors work with the University’s Center for Spirituality and Healing in helping the students deal with the stress of the portfolio review process.

Both students found the portfolio review stressful but worth it.

“It keeps the program strong, to be able to weed out the people who are not as passionate or not willing to try and put forth the effort,” Nettnay told Bray. “They give you the tools to succeed, and if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to use those tools, you have no right to be sucking the resources.”

“It’s scary and it’s intimidating and it’s a lot of work, but I think it’s a good thing because you find out right away if you have what it takes,” Sears told Bray.

Both Nettnay and Sears both passed their portfolio reviews.

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