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New Graduate Program: Heritage Studies and Public History

Student working at the Minnesota Historical Society

Next fall marks the start of a new program for the College of Design, the masters in heritage studies and public history (HSPH). In partnership with the College of Liberal Arts and the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS), HSPH combines hands-on professional development with rigorous scholarly training. At its core, the HSPH program is built on interdisciplinary work. The faculty who spearheaded the program, Associate […]

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Ginny Lackovic (B.Arch '01) Joins MN Historical Society Advisory Committee

Ginny Lackovic (B.Arch '01), of HGA Architects and Engineers, has been appointed to the Minnesota Historical Society's Historic Resources Advisory Committee and reappointed to the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission. As a member of the Historic Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC) effective January 1, 2014, Lackovic will provide policy and grant making guidance on funding distributed through the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Grants Program administered through the Minnesota Historical Society. Established by the Minnesota legislature in 2009, the HRAC consists of thirteen members and two ex-officio members. Lackovic will serve a two-year term. Lackovic also has been reappointed to the Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) for a third three-year term. She was first appointed in January 1, 2008, and will serve through…

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