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“More than a Balcony:” Connecting St. Paul to the Mississippi

St. Paul has 17 miles of Mississippi riverfront property, and the Metropolitan Design Center wants to help more people enjoy them. MDC researchers have partnered with the City of St. Paul, the St. Paul Riverfront Corporation, and BKV Architects to design a plan for a public River Balcony walkway connecting downtown—from Union Depot to the Science Museum—to the river. The […]

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On Display: I-35W and the Future of Minneapolis?

Nearly sixty years ago the United States funded the construction of the interstate highway system, influenced by Germany's autobahns. But unlike the European model, our highways didn't just run the edges of cities. They ran through them and around their downtown districts. NEWS: Stitching Minneapolis Together Again (MinnPost)PHOTOS: I-35W and the future of Minneapolis?"The process demolished hundreds of blocks of real estate, divided neighborhoods and degraded the quality of life for thousands of urban residents, creating enormous amounts of noise and air pollution," explains Mic Johnson, interim director of the Metropolitan Design Center. "The time has come to repair these self-inflicted wounds and stitch our cities back together if we hope to thrive – socially, environmentally, and economically – in…

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Mic Johnson Named Metropolitan Design Center's Interim Director

Mic Johnson, FAIA, founder and design principal of Architecture Field Office, has been appointed interim director of the Metropolitan Design Center (MDC) at the University of Minnesota College of Design. The MDC is an emerging design and research-based institution conceived to facilitate an environment for creative thinking and public engagement around urban and metropolitan design. MORE: M.S. in Architecture – Metropolitan Design Over his 35-year career, Johnson has held design leadership roles at large international firms and teaching positions at several universities, including the College of Design School of Architecture. A true 'generalist' architect, with experience ranging from the design of significant healthcare facilities to urban towers, he is dedicated to creating architecture and environments that enhances the human experience…

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Metropolitan Design Center Hosts University District Alliance Workshop

On Wednesday, June 27th the Metropolitan Design Center hosted a University District Alliance lecture and workshop to present the findings from Phase II Toward an Urban Design Framework: Using Greenways and Green Infrastructure to Achieve Sustainable Communities. MDC's director Ignacio San Martin (Dayton Hudson Professor of Architecture) lead the audience with a discussion on the long-range benefits of using greenways to improve the connections among the University neighborhoods and with their principal greenway corridor, the Mississippi River. The presentation continued by challenging the University District Alliance to embrace a green Infrastructure design proposal to replace the current system of stormwater management to improve the quality-of-life of the district's communities and the overall ecological habitat and recreational opportunities of the Mississippi…

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Metropolitan Design Center: Rethinking St. Paul's Central High School Landscape

A new report by the Metropolitan Design Center (MDC) proposes design alternatives to the current landscape surrounding the entrance to St. Paul's Central High School. The project was initiated by school administrators, a group of motivated parents, and several students who felt dissatisfied with the current space. The MDC developed their redesign around the philosophical model of Rodney H. Matsuoka, who believes the presence of an attractive and welcoming landscape surrounding institutions of learning has been connected with higher graduation rates and test scores and an increased percentage of students planning to attend College. BEFOREAFTERThe MDC conducted field survey work over the course of several days, observing site conditions, the flow of surface water, student behavior and movement patterns….

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Developing an Urban Design Framework for St. Anthony Main

Each year the M.Arch Graduate Urban Design Studio selects a complex, and often controversial, urban site within the Twin Cities region as an urban design topic to be analyzed and redesigned. Students in the Fall 2011 section of the course chose to analyze and redesign an area within the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood, the birthplace of Minneapolis. The site borders the Mississippi River and combines issues pertaining to development, preservation of historic buildings, linking of community to the waterfront, and approaches for infill development. Their work was published in a report by the Metropolitan Design Center in March, 2012. READ: Urban Design Framework for the St. Anthony Main DistrictGolden Gate Park on the Mississippi? – (TC Daily Planet, 4.22.2012)Learn more about…

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Sarah Weeks (MLA '11): Plans for Frogtown Farm Move Forward

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Monday Minute, March 19, 2012: Congratulations Landscape Architecture Head Lance Neckar

Dear Colleagues,While I realize many of you have already heard the news, I wanted to take a moment to publically congratulate Lance on his new position, beginning this fall, as the founding Director of the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability at Pitzer College. Lance has provided over 25 years of leading landscape architecture and design research, teaching and thought to his students and colleagues at the University of Minnesota. From his time as associate dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and director of the Metropolitan Design Center, to his current leadership position as head of the Department of Landscape Architecture, he has been a tireless advocate for his discipline, and the University, and I'm grateful…

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Metropolitan Design Center collaborates on Twin Cities projects

The “Toward an Urban Design Framework for the University District Community” project represents a new collaborative engagement among the University District Alliance, the University of Minnesota, and the Metropolitan Design Center.

The Minneapolis Riverfront Corporation is collaborating with the Metropolitan Design Center to work on a new ecological urban design approach for the area of the Mississippi River around the University’s east bank campus. The project will bring a large group of city, county, and state organizations together to launch new open space ideas that will promote and link the northeast district to the Mississippi River waterfront.

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