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Apparel Design Alumna Shines On at Shinesty

Anna Peshock models a Shinesty blazer

In her senior year of college, Anna Peshock (B.S. ’15, Apparel Design) took an internship at a small start-up called Shinesty. Three years later and not only is Peshock a senior technical designer, but celebs like Stephen Colbert are wearing Shinesty’s out of the box designs.

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Architecture and Advocacy: An Interview with Robert T. Coles, FAIA

Robert T. Coles, FAIA Photo by David R. Gordon.

When Robert T. Coles (B.A. ’51, Architecture; B.Arch ’53) was in high school, a teacher discouraged him from pursuing a career in architecture, telling him that “there are no black architects.” But Coles was undeterred. Instead, the young design student resolved to not only become an architect but one of the best. In this interview, Coles discusses his journey to […]

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General Services Administration Awards Research Grant to Renée Cheng

Congratulations to Renée Cheng (Architecture) for receiving a research grant from the General Services Administration (GSA). With this grant Cheng, along with University of Washington Professor Carrie Dossick (Construction Management) and Research Scientist Laura Osburn, will identify guidelines for using collaborative practices on high-performance buildings for the federal government. In this Q&A, Cheng discusses her research and what’s next for this […]

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Barry Kudrowitz on WCCO-AM: Food, Space, and 3D Printing

Listen to the interview here. This week NASA announced plans to construct a 3D food printer that will eventually provide food for astronauts in space. The obvious prototype of choice? Pizza. Assistant professor Barry Kudrowitz, director of our Product Design program, will speak with WCCO's John Hines on Thursday, May 23 at 10:10 a.m. about how 3D printing is changing the way we think about everything from food to design and beyond. Hint: NASA isn't the first to try 3D food. A former roommate of Kudrowitz at MIT, Marcelo Coelho, created the prototype and concept designs for a food 3D printer called the Cornucopia four years ago.More stories from the College of Design:Cities On Water: Landscape Architecure AbroadMinnesota Vikings…

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Earn Your Degree in 3 Years? Let's Try It

President Eric Kaler announced Friday that the College of Design will pilot a year-round plan for undergraduate students in the graphic design and retail merchandising programs.  The proposed plan will give students in those programs enrolling in the fall of 2014 an option to compete their studies in three years, instead of four years, by taking full credit loads during the summer.”I have long felt that we have, frankly, all this capacity in the summer that’s under-utilized,” Dean Fisher said in an interview with the Star Tribune. “We’ll see where the student demand goes. Some want to get through in three years, while others like the idea of staggered terms.” On Monday, WCCO-TV interviewed students in a graphic design…

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Landscape Architecture alums to interview publicly for Peavy Plaza project

The City of Minneapolis is hosting a public interview process (.pdf; 98KB) for choosing the landscape architect for the Peavy Plaza revitalization project in downtown. The interview takes place Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 9:30 a.m.-4:15 p.m., in Auditorium 2 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Of the four finalist firms, three are headed by College of Design Department of Landscape Architecture alums: Bob Close (BLA, 1976) Close Landscape Architects, Tom Oslund (BLA, 1980) Oslund and Associates, and Damon Farber (BLA, 1971) Farber Associates.

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Eicher interview in Pioneer Press

Joanne Eicher: Encyclopedia of World Dress and FashionJoanne Eicher (Regents professor emerita, Apparel Design) was interviewed by Allison Kaplan for the Pioneer Press about the upcoming Creating the Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion event. Eicher is the editor-in-chief for the project and she and others involved in the project will share stories about the creation of the first comprehensive reference that explores all aspects of dress and fashion. The event takes place Friday, October 22, 2010, 4:30 p.m., 33 McNeal Hall. The event is free but registration is required.

Kaplan’s brief interview ranges from Eicher’s interest in how we dress (“You make decisions about how you look by design or default”) to her take on Crocs (“They’re a lot different than a finely crafted, hand-stitched leather shoe”).

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