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Infographic: A History of Public Interest Design

The following is an infographic that PublicInterestDesign.org partnered with ArchDaily, the University of Minnesota College of Design, and Tandus Flooring to create. The basis is a chronology of the public interest design field by John Cary (BA Arch '99). It was designed by Megan Jett at ArchDaily.Contact John Cary (john@publicinterestdesign.org) with additions, corrections, or questions, or visit PublicInterestDesign.org….

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Public Interest Design @ the Social Impact Design Summit

On Monday, roughly sixty foundation representatives and public interest design leaders joined forces for the "Social Impact Design Summit" at the Rockefeller Foundation headquarters in New York. Dean Tom Fisher and John Cary, the public interest design research fellow at the College of Design, presented the infographic below. Already recognized internationally for its efforts in public interest design and engagement, the college is investigating this area of study as a potential new major and working on a case study (due later this month) detailing the national 'lay of the land' in the field, what's already happening at the university in this area, and how our College can take advantage of the opportunity moving forward. To learn more about public interest…

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