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Tiffani Navratil (MLA '12) Uncovers the Hobart Rivulet

Tiffani Navratil (MLA ’12) traveled to the Tasmanian city of Hobart to fix a missing link. The Hobart Rivulet flowing through the city’s central business district funneled into a concrete channel-with little or no vegetation- before emptying into a cove. “Buildings built over much of the rivulet did not allow any sunlight to reach those portions of the stream,” explains Navratil. She saw an opportunity to improve social spaces around the rivulet, reduce pollution, lower traffic congestion, and bring pedestrians back into the area. She also saw a compelling topic for her senior capstone thesis. >> Listen: An interview with Navratil on the rivulet in Hobart “It’s a small city with a lovely waterfront and spectacular natural surroundings, but the linkages between them through the city…

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