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Dean Fisher Shares Southdale's Story in the "10 Buildings that Changed America"

A new PBS documentary, "10 Buildings that Changed America," turns the spotlight on Edina's Southdale Center, built in 1959 by Austrian-born architect Victor Gruen. "And no, it's not because of the food court," quips the Star Tribune in a preview this week. The documentary includes an interview between College of Design dean Tom Fisher and WTTW host Geoffrey Baer on location, talking about the early days of the mall, when men wore suits and women got dressed up with high heels and pearls. In the early days, Southdale's Garden Court was a conservatory with birds and ponds, and the building was air conditioned in the summer using water from Lake Corneila. "Southdale's model of turning the shopping center inward…

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Jordana Reece Paints the Cityscape of Old Venice

A new exhibit opening at the James Ford Bell Library, "Celebrating Venice: On Land and Sea," includes nine watercolors by graphic design student Jordana Reece. The project, based on 15th century engravings by Erhard Reuwich, was set in motion when Reece visited the library with professor Barbara Martinson's History of Graphic Design course. "I love old books, especially books with old maps, and was hooked on the spot," said Reece. The library's collection consists of more than 25,000 items in the form of books, maps, manuscripts, pamphlets, broadsides, and assorted printed documents from 400 C.E. to 1825 C.E. After the class fieldtrip, Reece approached Margaret Borg, assistant curator at the library, about doing a UROP with one of the collection….

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Interior Design Program Review Earns Top Marks

The Accreditation Commission of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) has renewed the Interior Design program’s accreditation for the next six years. This will make the Interior Design Bachelor of Science degree continuously accredited since the inception of CIDA (formerly FIDER) over 40 years ago. In their analysis, the CIDA commission reported that during their on-site review of the program earlier this year, the visiting team did not identify any weaknesses. “We have many people to thank for the program’s accomplishments,” said interior design professor Denise Guerin and chair of the CIDA Accreditation review. “Most certainly our students and faculty who have given their best, and the administration who has given us significant support over the last six years.” …

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