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Fisher cited in New Urban News article about Target Field

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) is cited in an article about Target Field by Philip Langdon in New Urban News. Fisher provides a critique of the ball park:

“We can walk to the bus stop two blocks from my house [in neighboring St. Paul], and it takes us right to the bus depot next to the stadium, where we can take an escalator up to the plaza and come out to one of the great open spaces in the city, with ‘baseball bat’ light sculptures leading to the gates of the stadium….

“When we enter the stadium, the wide galleries offer views of the field from almost every angle. … When we finally arrive at our seats many stories in the air, the city skyline and the arc of the stadium open in front of us…. [S]pending hours with so many people in the midst of that urban spectacle reminds us of why we live in cities: to remember that we are all a part of something much larger than ourselves.”

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Fisher serves on host committee for Kahn lecture

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) is serving on the host committee for the Forecast Public Art events featuring Ned Kahn, the public artist. Kahn and Tom Oslund (BLA, 1980) will lecture on Thursday, September 16, 2010, 12-1 p.m., at the Minneapolis Central Library. The lecture is free of charge. Later that evening (7-10 p.m.), a benefit for Forecast Public Art will be held at the Metropolitan Club of the Minnesota Twins Stadium. The cost for the benefit is $30. More information and tickets are available on the Forecast Public Art website.

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