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Rebranding the Bat /|\^·,·^/|\

DesignBats Image

North American bats are in serious trouble. Since 2007 more than five million of them have been killed by a disease called white-nose syndrome. Caused by the white fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans, white-nose syndrome infects the skin of a bat’s muzzle, tail, ears, and wings while they are hibernating. Infected bats wake up prematurely and burn through their fat stores too […]

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Design Thinking Unleashes Creative Potential … With a New Website

The emerging field of Design Thinking has a growing presence (and website) at the College of Design. Spearheaded by Adjunct Assistant Professor Virajita Singh, the project is a unique resource for organizations ranging from local governments to the business sector interested in applying the tools and processes from the design disciplines to complex, system-wide problems. "Our audacious goal," explains Singh, "is to unleash the creative potential of individuals and organizations across all sectors to innovate in fulfilling their mission at the local, regional, national and international level." View photos from recent workshops. Upcoming events include workshops with the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP) to identify and rank possible design elements and portal features for the new U of M portal…

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[Video] The (Design) Failure of Bridges and Economies

Things May Happen, a new documentary video series exploring culture, the future, and the human condition, interviewed Dean Fisher earlier this year on the topic of fracture-critical systems. Dean Fisher’s new book, Designing to Avoid Disaster: the Nature of Fracture-Critical Design, is a call for architects, engineers, planners, and citizens to recognize the error in our thinking and to understand how design thinking provides us with a way to anticipate unintended failures and increase the resiliency of the world in which we live. Follow him at @MNDesignDean and in the Huffington Post. More stories from the College of DesignThese Boots Were Made for … NASA?Design Studio On the Road: Visiting San FranciscoDon Ganje (BLA ’73) Named ASLA Fellow…

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