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Design Students Help Get Out the Vote!

Every four years, students in the graphic design course Color and Form in Surface Design are challenged by their professors to create their own screen printed Get Out the Vote poster for the U.S. General Election. Each poster is the product of a three-layered handmade screen print. With a focus on encouraging their fellow students to vote, rather than trying […]

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A Design Twist on the Local Foodie Movement

In a classroom on the first floor of McNeal Hall, students wait patiently with plastic spoons.They are inaugural participants in the first Food and Design class, a hands-on, edible experimentation course that teaches basic design principles through food. Today their assignment was to develop an innovative flavor and texture pairing in one spoon-sized bite. The bite-sized hors d'oeuvres on display, which needed to highlight a seasonal fruit or vegetable, range from caramelized sweet potatoes with crispy bacon to green tea Jell-O with maple cranberry apple sauce."I have always been interested in looking at food as a designed project," says instructor Barry Kudrowitz, assistant professor and the director of the product design program. "If you view food as something that you…

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Hokanson's Storytelling and Narrative class profiled by MPR

Minnesota Public Radio’s (MPR) On Campus is the Minnesota contribution to National Public Radio’s ARGO Network, a collection of 12 topic-centric newsblogs hosted by affiliates across the US. MPR reporter Alex Friedrich follows higher education across the state with an eye toward stories that have national impact.

Earlier this week Friedrich sat in on Associate Dean Brad Hokanson‘s (Graphic Design) Storytelling and Narrative class and reported on his experience. For a generation raised on facts and bullet points, Hokanson’s students “learn how to communicate more effectively by crafting a narrative rather than just spewing facts,” writes Friedrich. As a result, the students will be able to “structure knowledge in a way that makes it easier to learn, to remember, and to communicate.”

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