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Interning Abroad: A Guest Post From Landscape Architecture Student Luke Nichols

Luke Nichols, landscape architecture student.

This summer I decided to intern at Ting Song Library in China’s Hebei province. Ting Song Library is a cultural and social community designed and founded by a group of former design school classmates.

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Architecture Head Renee Cheng Meeting with Students, Schools in China

The head of the School of Architecture, Professor Renee Cheng is visiting China over the next 10 days. She's speaking with Chinese students and faculty, and lecturing at a number of architecture schools. Xinle Wang (M.Arch '07) is acting as an ambassador during the trip. One of Professor Cheng's stops included the School of Architecture (pictured top, center) at Tianjin University , the first Chinese university, founded in 1895. Ralph Rapson (dean of the School of Architecture from 1954-1984) took University of Minnesota students there in the early 1980's. Yesterday, Professor Cheng had the opportunity to meet Tianjin's current architecture dean, Professor Tongtong LIU (pictured top, left), who also happened to be one of the Chinese students who shared a…

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Andrew Haas (BS Architecture '09) Takes Design to Beijing, China

In 2009, Andrew Haas (BS Architecture '09) graduated from the College of Design and moved to Beijing, China. He read several books about the rapid growth of urbanization in China and was intrigued by the work available for architectural designers. "I originally intended to stay for a year," said Haas. "The opportunities that were presented to me were just too great [in China] to go back to the United States." He spent two and half years working as a researcher and designer for Dynamic City Foundation, an internationally recognized research collective that focused on the burgeoning expansion of urban China. In 2011, Haas moved away from urban research and refocused his work towards parametric and non-linear architecture as an…

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Monday Minute, September 27, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Last week I was in Shanghai, China, for a college advisory board meeting hosted by one of our board members, XiaoWei Ma (MLA, 1998). While I was there, I met with the deans and faculty at two universities interested in partnering with us: Donghua University’s Fashion, Art Design Institute and Tongji University’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Both universities already partner with a wide range of institutions around the world, but as I spoke with their respective deans, Keling Li at Donghua, and Zhiqiang Wu at Tongji, it became clear that what we have to offer differs from that of virtually every other institution they work with: the research of our faculty. As I described the research and scholarship we have underway here, from wearable technology and world heritage to transformative materials, digital fabrication, and public health, I could see their understanding of what sets Minnesota apart and their interest in working with us grow by the minute.

It remains up to individual faculty if, or how much, you want to work with colleagues in China on issues of relevance to you, but I will do what I can to help you make those connections if interested. I have no doubt that China has already become a major player in our fields and one of the most dynamic — and at times, hair-raising — places on the planet.

To get a taste of that, I urge you to visit the upcoming exhibit at the Goldstein Museum of Design, Mao to Now: Chinese Fashion from 1949 to the Present. Curated by and based on the recent book by JuanJuan Wu (Retail Merchandising), Chinese Fashion: From Mao to Now, the show (and a related symposium in McNeal Hall on October 2-3, 2010), will convey the extent of changes that have occurred in China since the time of Mao and the degree to which that country has become a center of activity, not just in clothing design, but in all of our other disciplines as well.


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Mao to Now: Chinese Fashion from 1949 to the Present opens October 2, 2010

Mao to Now exhibition (design by Liu Canming)Based on Juanjuan Wu‘s (Retail Merchandising) book, Chinese Fashion: From Mao to Now, the Goldstein Museum of Design (GMD) exhibition, Mao to Now: Chinese Fashion from 1949 to the Present, opens October 2, 2010 and runs through January 17, 2011. Curated by Wu, Marilyn DeLong (Apparel Design), and Mingxin Bao (Donghua University), the exhibition traces the drastic changes in Chinese fashion since 1949, reflecting the country’s cultural changes.

Divided into three periods — pre-Mao (1912-48), the Mao era (1949-77), and the post-Mao era (1978-present), Mao to Now illustrates how Chinese fashion began to increasingly meld Chinese and Western design expression after Mao. The work of four top Chinese fashion designers — Wu Haiyan, Liu Canming, Wang Yiyang, and Zhang Da — is featured. In addition to the items of dress and accessories, the exhibition will feature photographs by high-profile Chinese journalists and photographers to illustrate the differences between the periods.

A symposium takes place October 1-3, 2010 in McNeal Hall featuring visiting professors and Chinese designers. Additionally, the Friends of the Goldstein hosts its fall fundraiser on Sunday, October 3, 2010, 5:30-9:00 p.m., at the Ritz Theatre, 345 13th Avenue NE, Minneapolis.

Image credit: Design by Liu Canming.

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