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Thank You For Your Support: 101 and Counting

>> January 6, 2014Thank you! Because of alumni and friends like you, we met our goal and have raised nearly $10,000 in honor of the School of Architecture Centennial. I am so proud of all that our community has accomplished these past 100years and I thank you for your support, advocacy, and leadership. We will use your gifts to award the first scholarship of the next century, given to an undergraduate just starting their education in architecture, this fall.We will be sure to update you with news on the lucky recipient and our architecture program. In the meantime, stay connected with us at design.umn.edu, on Facebook, and Twitter. Centennial Challenge contributions are still coming through the mail. If you missed the chance to give, you…

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A Debt-Free Semester Next Fall?

[Update: April 8, 2013]Thank You for supporting Design without Debt! Because of gifts from alumni and friends like you, one lucky student will soon receive a scholarship to cover a whole semester of tuition! You’ve given one more student an incredible opportunity – the freedom to focus on education.We will be sure to update you and our blog later this spring with news on the lucky recipient of the Design without Debt scholarship. If you missed the chance to give, you can still contribute to scholarships at z.umn.edu/designscholars.Regards,Tom Fisher, Professor and Dean, College of Design [Update: March 29, 2013]We need you now. We’re close to meeting our goal to raise $6,250 – the full cost of one semester of undergraduate tuition – and every gift…

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Cultivating the creative

The first batch of the University’s “Because” marketing campaign has been released, and among the initial elements in the campaign is one from and about the College of Design.

Cultivating the creative” is a UMNews feature story that is currently running on the University’s website home page. Rick Moore, author of the article, cites Richard Florida’s 2002 The Rise of the Creative Class, finding that creativity is a key component of modern jobs.

Because creative imperative marketing campaign element
Because creative imperative marketing campaign element.

“The American economy is increasingly ideas- and software-driven, and most manufacturing, for better or worse, has been shipped overseas, Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture), tells Moore. “We are even more dependent on creativity. A lot of corporations in our area realize that unless they continue to be innovative, they will fall behind in terms of global competition.”

The creative imperative is the creativity element in the University’s “Because” marketing campaign. Both a 20 x 12 print ad (.pdf; 4MB) and an 8 x 5.25 half-page print ad (.pdf; 1.9MB) for the “Because creativity fuels the new economy” campaign are available.

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