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Kathleen Harder cited in HealthLeaders Media article

Kathleen Harder (Center for Design in Health) was cited in the HealthLeaders Media article “Sponge Solution Remains Elusive” on June 13, 2011. Harder was interviewed for her strategies on OR team procedural standardization to prevent retained surgical items – surgical items unintentionally left inside a patient.

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Fisher cited in New Urban News article about Target Field

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) is cited in an article about Target Field by Philip Langdon in New Urban News. Fisher provides a critique of the ball park:

“We can walk to the bus stop two blocks from my house [in neighboring St. Paul], and it takes us right to the bus depot next to the stadium, where we can take an escalator up to the plaza and come out to one of the great open spaces in the city, with ‘baseball bat’ light sculptures leading to the gates of the stadium….

“When we enter the stadium, the wide galleries offer views of the field from almost every angle. … When we finally arrive at our seats many stories in the air, the city skyline and the arc of the stadium open in front of us…. [S]pending hours with so many people in the midst of that urban spectacle reminds us of why we live in cities: to remember that we are all a part of something much larger than ourselves.”

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Thompson publishes Copenhagen neighborhood comparison article in Conditions

James Thompson (MArch, 2010) has published “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark: Architectural Insurgency in Copenhagen,” in issue 5/6 of Conditions. The article compares two Copenhagen neighborhoods, arguing that the quality of architecture and urban design should be judged based on its political impacts. Thompson’s article results from research conducted in the Fall 2009 GD3 Studio under Ozayr Saloojee (Architecture) entitled “Contested Terrains,” and Thompson’s time in Copenhagen studying abroad as an undergraduate with the Danish International Study Program.

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Haglund cited in LEED lawsuit article

In a class-action lawsuit (.pdf; 311KB) filed against the US Green Building Council (USGBC), claimants charge that the USGBC has engaged in deceptive trade practices, false advertising, and anti-trust in promoting the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification program. The lawsuit alleges that the LEED rating system, developed by USGBC, “is supplanting building codes in many jurisdictions, undermining marketplace competition and obscuring other building standards that are proven — unlike LEED — to reduce energy use and carbon emissions….”

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Henry Gifford, a well-known and outspoken critic of the LEED certification system.

Kerry Haglund (Center for Sustainable Building Research) was cited in a USGlass News Network article about the lawsuit:

“What is needed is for any rating or certification program to focus on the integrated design, construction, and occupancy phases more holistically, taking into account post-occupancy performance and verification that the energy-efficient and sustainable design and construction strategies are successful. The Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines is such a program that leads to a full accounting of the actual costs and benefits of sustainable building design and energy efficient strategies. The quick development of the LEED programs has resulted in a lot of good design and construction practices, and more importantly, awareness in the area of sustainability and at some point USGBC will probably integrate required post-occupancy performance metrics into its rating systems, which will be a natural progression of its ever-developing guidelines.”

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Fisher pens Viral Cities article for Places journal

Dean Tom Fisher (Architecture) has written an essay, entitled “Viral Cities,” for the online journal Places. Fisher writes “… the metaphor of the digital virus can help us understand, in new ways, the growing threat of actual viruses in the real world. Rapidly rising human populations living in increasingly unsanitary conditions, combined with transcontinental air travel, have greatly increased the likelihood of a viral pandemic — one that would affect daily life and the global economy in profound ways.”

Fisher goes on to advocate approaching urban design and architecture with pandemics in mind. Taking that approach “will make our cities healthier and more sustainable,” Fisher writes.

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Hadjiyanni and Zollinger publish article; Zollinger presents at oral history conference

Tasoulla Hadjiyanni‘s and Stephanie Zollinger‘s (both Interior Design) article, “Stimulating Student Interest in Design History Classes,” has been published in Archnet-IJAR International Journal of Architectural Research.

Zollinger presented “Stories from the Jack Lenor Larsen Studio: Process, Product, and Innovation” at the Oral History in Art, Craft and Design Conference in July 2010. The conference was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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Carmody cited in AP baseball article picked up by Sports Illustrated

John Carmody (Center for Sustainable Building Research) is cited as a source in an AP baseball article picked up by Sports Illustrated. The article covers efforts by professional sports in areas of sustainability. “You can always look at things in different contexts,” Carmody told the AP. “Should we have four teams sharing one stadium? Should we be building a stadium at all? But the more realistic and pragmatic approach is that various organizations, like baseball teams, have their needs. We aren’t questioning whether they’re having a field. We’re saying that within the context of having a field, we’re going to make it as sustainable as possible.”

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