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Echo Spot Hosts #AskAway Interview With Dean Fisher

UPCOMING EVENT: The Echo Spot will hold a live #AskAway interview with Dean Tom Fisher on Tuesday, May 6 from 2:45 – 4:15 PM. During the interview anything with an x500 can ask a question or vote for a question they want to see answered. Dean Fisher will answer questions in real-time.The Echo Spot offers a platform for students, faculty, and staff to exchange ideas and develop solutions for issues around campus. The concept was developed and designed entirely by students and alumni at the University of Minnesota, including former Design Student Alumni Board president Coleman Iverson (B.S. Graphic Design '11). Since the beginning of April, The Echo Spot has received over 18,000 page views and dozens of posts ranging…

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Going Carbon Neutral? Here's a Good Place

When it comes to carbon neutrality, Elizabeth Turner (M.Arch '11) believes a place like St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota can serve as a microcosm of society. The campus infrastructure provides a learning laboratory for staff, faculty, and students to work across disciplines and traditional roles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a graduate student she used St. Olaf as a case study for her final thesis by developing a preliminary outline for moving her undergraduate alma mater toward a carbon neutral future. She was named a finalist for the 2013 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's Student Research on Campus Sustainability Award for her work, which is currently being used by St. Olaf students to make…

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