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Krista Skoglund (BA Arch, 2011) Receives Housing Education & Research Award

The Housing Education and Research Association announced at their annual conference in Baton Rouge that Krista Skoglund (BA Arch, 2011) received the Tessie Agan Outstanding Undergraduate Student Paper Award. Her paper, titled, "Grandfamilies and Potential Housing Concerns," was originally completed as a course assignment for HSG 4467W, Housing and the Social Environment, taught by Prof. Becky Yust during the Fall 2010 semester. HSG 4467W looks at housing choices in the context of the social environment. The class emphasizes special needs of elderly, disabled, minorities, large families, female-headed households, and low-income households. More information on the Housing Studies program can be found at….

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UMNews Features DHA Department Head, Professor Missy Bye – "A good fit for design"

As Professor Missy Bye takes over the helm at DHA (Graphic Design, Apparel Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Housing Studies and Retail Merchandising), the University profiled her for one of their latest features. Read more about Missy Bye here.

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Angell holds top paper published in the field of radon

William Angell‘s (Housing Studies) paper entitled “The US radon problem, policy, program and industry: achievements, challenges and strategies” is currently the top paper published in the field of radon over the past three years.

The paper documented that the number of U.S. homes with elevated radon increased about one-third over the past 20 years because the number of newly built homes elevated in indoor radon exceeded the number of elevated existing homes which were mitigated. The findings presented in the paper were cited in a U.S. Inspector General’s report critical of the lack of progress in the Environmental Protection Agency’s radon program. The findings have also supported the President’s Cancer Panel’s 2010 recommendations for expansion of renewed efforts to pass building code requirements for new residential buildings and to expand increased radon mitigation.

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Lenz has one-year appointment as Saint Paul Community Coordinator

In March 2010, Stephanie Lenz (BS Housing Studies, 2009) started a one-year appointment as Community Coordinator for the District 6 Planning Council in Saint Paul. She is working with crime prevention, neighborhood block clubs, vacant housing, and working with the community to identify and advocate for houses to be removed or rehabbed. “I cannot believe how much experience I have gained in this little time, and in so many different areas,” said Lenz to college’s Housing Studies program. “I feel this is the perfect first ‘real’ job for me, and feel that all the classes in the Housing Studies degree helped lead me here.”

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