Introducing Our New Assistant and Associate Deans

Assistant Dean for Student Services Steve Yang

The College of Design is pleased to introduce our new assistant dean for student services, Steve Yang, and our new associate dean for academic affairs, Sauman Chu. In these roles, Yang and Chu will work closely with Dean Carol Strohecker and other college leaders to advance outreach goals for students, faculty, centers, and the college.

Before joining the college, Steve Yang served as the director of financial aid at North Hennepin Community College. He has a master’s degree in public and nonprofit administration and is an alumnus of the Minnesota Senior Leadership Institute. His experience spans multiple areas of student services, including enrollment management, student orientation, and support for first-generation students. Yang is also bilingual and has a passion for engaging and supporting underrepresented populations. “I’m thrilled to take on the role of assistant dean of student services, and I look forward to building on the many successes the unit has achieved. In my first few months, it has been an honor to work alongside faculty and staff who are deeply committed to identifying innovative strategies to support the changing needs of our students.”

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Sauman Chu

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Sauman Chu

Sauman Chu, who will officially start in her new role in June, brings a wealth of experience to the position of associate dean for academic affairs. She is the current program head of the graphic design program and has served on many University-level workgroups including the Senate Judicial Committee.

“I look forward to representing the college within and outside of the University, providing vision and leadership in strategic planning, facilitating and supporting the development of academic programs, and continuing the effort to implement the current goals and initiatives of the college,” said Chu. “Most importantly, I look forward to working with everyone and I believe all staff and faculty can collectively make critical changes for the common good of the college.”

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