Student Designers Explore “e.motion” in 51st Annual Fashion Show

e.motion fashion show

Since 1968, apparel design students at the University of Minnesota have presented their final projects in the annual Apparel Design Fashion Show. Each year the students’ clothing lines draw hundreds of fashion industry professionals, students, family, and friends to the show, creating an opportunity to engage with the larger fashion community.

This year’s senior apparel design class began developing their original collections in the spring of 2017 and worked with industry mentors to focus their research, inspiration, and find their target audience. Production began in fall 2018 when the students not only designed and produced their collections but simultaneously planned and promoted the 51st annual runway show, titled e.motion.

In the last four years, these designers have developed their skills and defined their points of view as designers. Learn more about them, the inspirations behind their clothing lines, and the emotions each line is meant to invoke, in the round-up below.

Designer: Caroline Albers
Title of Collection: Forward

Forward is first and foremost inspired by Caroline’s mother, Anne. In her research, Caroline discovered that few women are more enthusiastic or particular about their clothing needs than older women. Forward was created for the many women who are imaginative, dynamic, and progressive. Inspired by bold lines, curves, and intriguing pattern combinations, Forward is meant to be a representation of the women Caroline aspires to be.

Emotions: Vibrant, Progressive, Easy, Thoughtful

Caroline Albers

A piece from Caroline Albers’ collection Forward.

Designer: Ellen Becker
Title of Collection: Sensation

Sensation is a testimony to society’s lack of connection. Using texture and color to stimulate the senses, Ellen created a lingerie line for a woman’s most intimate moments. Highlighting luxurious fabrics and intricate details, the collection is a visual representation of sensuality.

Emotions: Lavish, Feminine, Tactile

A piece from Ellen Becker's collection, Sensation.

A piece from Ellen Becker’s collection Sensation.

Designer: Emily Dufault
Title of Collection: PYRO

Taking her passion for building unique forms with intricate manipulation of materials, this collection is a celebration of the natural beauty and power in every woman. Inspired by recent movements like #MeToo, Emily focused her designs on highlighting the unique beauty of each model, using the destructive properties of fire and what is left behind to capture the power found within every woman. The power of fire is something that demands respect, much like the respect demanded and deserved by every woman.

Emotions: Powerful, Destructive, Empowered

A piece from Emily DuFault's collection.

A piece from Emily Dufault’s collection PYRO.

Designer: Alexis Frey
Title of Collection: Rogue

Usually drawn to the simplicity of neutrals, Alexis chose to broaden her horizons in Rogue with vibrant colors and intricate construction. Rogue is designed for women with an activewear wardrobe and blends functional pieces along with street-fashion components to pull gym-style into everyday life. Alexis’ designs represent the bold and loud personalities of the strong, determined women who wear them. The collection was inspired by a personal interest in women’s weight training and a favorite quote: “It is a shame for [one] to grow old without seeing the strength and beauty of which [their] body is capable.”

Emotions: Vibrant, Strong, Bold

A piece from Alexis Frey's collection, Rogue.

A piece from Alexis Frey’s collection Rogue.

Designer: Ivan Gil
Title of Collection: Luna

As a designer Ivan is dedicated to creating luxurious ready-to-wear clothes inspired by his travels, his childhood in Mexico, the nightlife scene, and his work experience in the Los Angeles fashion industry as well as locally with Target Corporate. His clothes are often perceived as unisex items and statement pieces designed with the idea of what feels sexy, cool, and chic. With an eye for drama, Ivan Gil presents his graduating collection inspired by the moon, the darkness of the night, a young Cher in the 1970s, and a sexy party in space.

Emotions: Crazy, Sexy, Cool

A piece from Ivan Gil's collection, Luna.

A piece from Ivan Gil’s collection Luna.

Designer: Sarah Ramsay
Title of Collection: Way Out

Way Out is inspired by the architecture of flats found throughout the various boroughs of London. The elements of line, contrast, and texture are used to create a detail-oriented ready-to-wear capsule for chic, young professional women who are always on the go. Through her education, work, and future travels, Sarah hopes to further her creative and technical design knowledge to enhance and influence her career in apparel design.

Emotions: Confident, Capable, Chic

A piece from Sarah Ramsey's collection, Way Out.

A piece from Sarah Ramsey’s collection Way Out.

Name: Karli Rastetter
Title of Collection: The Divine Feminine

Karli found inspiration for The Divine Feminine while surrounded by beautiful costumes during her summer internship at Tirelli Costumi in Rome, Italy. Inspired by the process in which costumers design characters for the stage, Karli’s collection uses lush colors and rich fabrics to represent the five archetypes of the feminine energy: The Mother, The Dark Goddess, The Wise Woman, The Lover, and The Queen.

Emotions: Feminine, Regal, Mystical

A piece from Karli Rastetter's collection, The Divine Feminine.

A piece from Karli Rastetter’s collection The Divine Feminine.

Designer: Genevieve Romain
Title of Collection: éveiller

Combining her love of natural beauty and effortless simplicity, Genevieve created her bridal line éveiller. Inspired by the French countryside, she incorporates small floral detail, swiss dot, and subtle vintage detailing. Using nature as her guide, she wanted to create a line that was simple yet unique. This line combines naturally dyed fabrics and flowing lines to create elegant gowns meant to speak to the free spirit in every woman.

A piece from Genevieve Romain's collection, éveiller.

A piece from Genevieve Romain’s collection éveiller.

Designer Name: Madeline Rooney
Title of Collection: compulsion

compulsion is an embodiment of the ultimate escape from nature and animality. A play on the human desire to organize perceived chaos, as well as the urge to control our surroundings and experiences. It is a collection of futuristic science fiction costumes that emphasize line, shape, and uniformity throughout. Transparent elements represent the increase in visibility within current society, and the addition of pockets and other storage elements accentuates the need for this control and the obsessive satisfaction that arrives when everything is in its proper place.

Emotions: Desire, Controlled, Manipulative, Driven

A piece from Madeline Rooney's collection, compulsion.

A piece from Madeline Rooney’s collection compulsion.

Designer: Hailey Strobel
Title of Collection: Boujee

Boujee is a response to the chaos, disruption, and confusion of the current state of the world. The collection is inspired by the French film The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. The film pokes fun at the bourgeoisie social class that revolutionized the industry and modernized society by exposing their sense of entitlement, hypocrisy, and intense fears through satire. Through her inspiration, Hailey has compared the working class from that era to the privileged conservatives of today and uses bright colors, harsh pattern contrasts, and vintage construction techniques as a weapon of her liberation.

Emotions: Empowered, Captivated, Playful

A piece from Hailey Strobel's Boujee.

A piece from Hailey Strobel’s collection Boujee.

Designer: Annie Yang
Title of Collection: TPE

The Taiwanese meat markets are a representation of the collision between functionality and culture. A place that may come off as raw and rancid to tourists is simultaneously a place of necessity and livelihood for the community. This creates the disjunction between what’s seen at a surface level and what’s vital for the ecosystem of Taiwan. Annie is both. TPE is the acronym for the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. It stands to represent the familiar and convoluted space of the in between. TPE is a cultural reclamation project on Annie’s experience as an Asian American immigrant and her existence in the spaces of unbelonging.

A piece from Annie Yang's collection TPE.

A piece from Annie Yang’s collection TPE.

Designer: Madison Young
Title of Collection: Kew

Kew features ready-to-wear garments using denim and a cohesive color palette – emerald green mixed with neutrals. With the use of contrasting textures and fabrics, Madison showcases a collection inspired by street-style with a feminine touch. She envisions these pieces as staple items in a woman’s wardrobe.

Emotions: Powerful, Collected, Inspired

A piece from Madison Young's collection Kew.

A piece from Madison Young’s collection Kew.

The Apparel Design Fashion Show e.motion is on Saturday, February 2 at 5:00 and 7:30 pm. Buy your tickets today!

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