New Graduate Assistant for International Student Initiatives Joins College

Funded through the International Student Academic Services Fee, a new collaborative project between the College of Design (CDes) and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources (CFANS) has been created to provide more support to international students. Starting this semester, Veronica Quillien will act as the new graduate assistant for international student initiatives across both colleges. A doctoral student, Quillien studies culture and teaching and specializes in the art of language revitalization. In her role, Quillien will initiate, manage, expand, and provide programs that will help international students succeed.

How would you describe your role at CDes and CFANs?

“In a nutshell, my role is about creating programming and strategies around international students to help them adapt to the University. This could include everything from looking at strategies for how to cope with something like homesickness to helping students figure out how to make an appointment with an advisor. A very important aspect of my role is understanding the systems within the colleges and University and then creating avenues for the students in those systems.”

What would you like to accomplish in this role?

“If there’s one thing I’d like to accomplish, it’s helping international students in CDes and CFANS create positive memories of their time at the U by making this place a home away from home.”

What’s one thing you are most excited about within this new role?

“I’m just excited to go and create! This is an entirely new position and I’m excited to have a hand in shaping its future.”

What advice do you have for students or faculty members who are interested in becoming involved in creating a more international University?

“Dare to try. If what drives you is trying to become more involved, than just dare to try. I would also tell them don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have a question then someone else most likely has that question too.”

Want to learn more about what Veronica’s working on? You can contact her at

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