Apparel Design Students Discuss 49th Annual Fashion Show

Instinct Fashion Show Poster

Seniors in the undergraduate apparel design program show off their work this Saturday, February 4th at 5:30 and 8 pm during the 49th annual apparel design fashion show, Instinct.

A rite-of-passage for seniors, the fashion show challenges students to create their own collections and plan an entire runway show. Before the big event, the designers took a moment to share their favorite pieces and the inspiration behind their collections.


Aaronn Richter: “This design was not part of my original line up. My line is inspired by a story I wrote over the summer about being young and naive, making a life changing decision based on idealism, and the profound and sometimes drastic effect that can have on our lives. My collection is an allegory about how I joined the military out of high school, and the hardships of returning to normal society. One of the original designs I was using to tell this story was not jiving with the other looks, so I decided to switch gears and move to a look inspired by the end of the story. This look for me means hope. There is still darkness represented here, but there is also new life found when we open up and allow ourselves a certain vulnerability to be loved by others.”

Design by Aaronn Richter.

Abby Andrina Schumacher: “My collection is very feminine and light. It uses varying textures, delicate details, and sleek silhouettes. My line is titled Jo and was inspired by the strong females in my life as well as my studies at the London College of Fashion in the fall of 2015.”

Design by Abby Schumacher.

Kina Vang: “My line is composed of couture garments made to be worn at red carpet events, galas, and award shows. The designs are slightly influenced by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which is my biggest inspiration for designing in general. This piece, White Rabbit, is one of my favorites as it’s designed to have a feminine-masculine look. Not everyone wears a gown to these fancy events. The all white look with a small peek of red for accent captivates others with its charisma and fierceness.”

Design by Kina Vang.

Kyrie Todd: “Zhe is a gender-fluid clothing line, based on the concept of blending traditional feminine and masculine features of apparel. The collection is made of nearly 100% recycled, reused, and reclaimed materials.”

Design by Kyrie Todd

Madelyn Topp: “My line is designed for fun-loving young women who live life with passion and take risks with fashion. I found inspiration in the warm, but intense, colors and textures found in the sky after an evening storm. ”

Design by Madelyn Topp

Marina Qualey: “The Bloomsbury collection was created for the modern young professional. It is a tribute to women who are unapologetic, who strive for success, who exude confidence and strength, and aim to be influential in their workplace or community.”

Design by Marina Qualey.

Megan Clarke: “Inspired by the silhouettes and bold colors of birds, AVES is a line of polished looks for the working professional both in and outside of the office.”

Design by Megan Clarke

Melissa (Feidt) Jereczek: “My collection is titled Oasis and is inspired by a trip I took to Sedona, Arizona last spring. I wanted to create a bohemian-chic resort collection that could transport the wearer away from her everyday life. This look is my “desert dress” and is made from 100% silk chiffon and double georgette. I love the abstract print that incorporates all of the earthy colors found in the desert, as well as the pop of turquoise, which acts as a nod to the Southwest.”

Design by Melissa (Feidt) Jereczek

Mikaela Harrod: “My line is designed for strong willed female travelers, who explore the world and all of the amazing wonders it holds. It is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the places I have traveled to and the cultures I have learned about along the way. Imagine a graphic designer or photographer traveling to Berlin over the summer. This line is designed to be comfortable, unique, and relaxed while still professional. The bralette is made from a silk charmeuse, the pants are raw silk, and the top is fabric sourced from Bhuj, India. The entire outfit is made of organic cotton and dyed using natural processes.”

Design by Mikaela Harrod

Sarah Klecker: “From the beginning, this piece was one of my favorites. I love the bold, reflective print. It’s incredibly functional and has the added benefit of providing more visibility to the wearer. It also serves as a meaningful testament to all of the miles the wearer has run. Besides the print, I love how the silhouette of this jacket, slashed at the elbows and armholes, emphasizes the movements of the body.”

Design by Sarah Klecker

Sarah Mirman: “Ethereal focuses on unique fabrics and high-class cosplay. Each dress is its own original red carpet look for costume enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Color and texture are both important themes in this 5-piece line, where costumery is incorporated into elegant gowns that allow the wearer to embody their fantasy, if only for a night.”

Design by Sarah Mirman

Sinéad Odessa Kelly: “My collection, Misfits, Troublemakers, and Renegades, is inspired by the modern girl gang that is all about uplifting our fellow allies and focusing on positivity. I wanted to create a size inclusive clothing line with both soft feminine details and a bold and provocative edge to serve as a reminder that one’s softer side doesn’t compromise one’s strength.”

Design by Sinead Odessa Kelly

Sophia Gilligan: “LOU is a women’s spring/summer line that was blended between my travels to London and New York City. I believe the clothing captures that strong and confident yet playful edge that is seen within the women walking the streets of both cities.”

Design by Sophia Gilligan

Sydney Moustakis: “Life is full of moments that make us laugh, make us cry, or make us incredibly happy. All of these moments make us grow until the little things begin to matter less and we discover who we want to be. YU aims to celebrate the confidence this process brings. Having the ability to portray who you are through what you wear is a special thing. YU gives a voice to women who are bold, unafraid to be themselves, and have the drive to achieve their goals.”

Design Sydney Moustakis

Willis Batz-Kamby: “Innit is a love letter to my ten-year-old self, inspired by the vibrancy and magnetic lure of my favorite city in the world; London, England. Constant exposure to maps, transit posters, classic football shirts, and late night pints helped to create this line of retro sport based streetwear.”

Willis Batz-Kamby Design

Instinct will take place on February 4th at 5:30 and 8 pm in Rapson Hall. Learn more and buy your tickets at

Aaronn Richter Abby Schumacher Kina Vang Kyrie Todd Madelyn Topp Marina Qualey Megan Clarke Melissa (Feidt) Jereczek Mikaela Harrod Sarah Klecker Sarah Mirman Sinéad Odessa Kelly Sophia Gilligan Sydney Moustakis Willis Batz-Kamby

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