Interior Design and Architecture Programs Earn Top Marks in DesignIntelligence Survey

DesignIntelligence (DI) magazine’s 2016–17 report on the best architecture and design schools in America ranks the College of Design’s undergraduate interior design program among the top 20 in the nation. The program was also selected by hiring professionals as one that best prepares students for a future in their professions.

In addition, the college’s graduate interior design program was named one of the most admired in the country for “its historically strong graduate teaching and advising as well as its evidence-based design research.”

The College of Design’s graduate architecture program was also ranked among the nation’s most admired for “its model curriculum and license-upon-graduation program.” The School of Architecture’s M.S. in architecture with a concentration in research practices (MS-RP) degree provides students with a structured path to licensure and integrates research directly into their education.

DI’s report is the result of surveys from students, deans, and hiring professionals in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, industrial design, and landscape architecture.

Find out more about the college’s interior design program and the MS-RP degree.

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  • Victor Turner

    Interesting to note that the RD still accompanies the giant strides seen in the field of architect but I must confess I come across several projects featured on a few sites that suggest much thought could not have gone into them especially when you read the comments section. Many of them are chosen for aesthetic appeal.

    For me personally, it means there still much hope for architecture as a discipline. There must empirical backings for several of the design decisions made by architects in design and project execution because this will invariably impact the user experience after project delivery.

    Thumbs up to the University of Minnesota, College of Design.

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