Greg Donofrio & Renée Cheng Win ACSA Awards

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ASCA) honored Greg Donofrio with a Collaborative Practice Award and Renée Cheng with a Practice and Leadership Award.

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The ACSA Collaborative Practice Award recognizes initiatives with the potential to increase diversity in design curricula, administration, and student bodies. The Goldstein Museum exhibition “A Right to Establish a Home” was researched and developed by Donofrio’s Intro to Heritage Preservation workshop. His students worked in small teams, and with several community collaborators, to conduct oral histories with neighborhood residents, to research the historical events and individuals associated with the property, and to experiment with creative ways to visually represent the information they found.


The AIA/ACSA Practice and Leadership Award recognizes best practice examples of highly effective teaching, scholarship, and outreach in the areas of professional practice and leadership. Building Stories invites practitioners into the classroom to share a cliff-hanger story, leaving students with all the information they had at the time. The next week, they return to hear how the students’ solutions to their situation and reveal the actual outcome. Cheng explained that “we developed the Building Stories class to give leaders of future practice exposure to the richness and drama of day-to-day practice. The class develops skills in research-based, problem-based case study methodology; it’s required for the Master of Science, Research Practices concentration and an elective course in the M.Arch program.”

Donofrio and Cheng will accept their awards at the 104th annual ASCA meeting in Seattle this March.


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