Minions, Ghouls, and Jellyfish: #NotJack2015

Humans domesticated gourds over 10,000 years ago, and we’ve been carving them into lanterns for centuries. This Halloween, an interdisciplinary team of College of Design faculty, staff, and students challenged University of Minnesota to think beyond the classic crooked grin at our inaugural non-traditional pumpkin carving contest: Not Jack.

Students with majors ranging from Animal Science to Apparel Design teamed up with a partner from a different field of study to carve anything but a traditional jack o’lantern. Their creations filled the steps to Northrop Auditorium, where a team of judges selected the following winners:

notjack-77Best of Show: Charlene Ellingson (STEM Education) and Elizabeth Stretch (Physics Education)

notjack-145People’s Choice: Haily Schmitz (Architecture) and Heidi Schmitz (Psychology)

There’s no way @tesstoast20 and I lose #notjack2015 #cherryandspoon

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Best of Social Media: Miranda Meier (Retail Merchandising) and Tess Tourville (Entrepreneurial Management).

The judges also selected 40 pumpkins for display at President Kaler’s annual Halloween party at Eastcliff.

A big thank you to our partners at University Services and Allyson Taubenheim’s team at Northrop Auditorium, Sarah Alfalah for her design and branding, Kevin Groenke for engraving the prize medallions, our student volunteers, and to all our judges: Sarah Alfalah, Grace Berke, James Thoma, Eiman Alshawaf, Sami Klapperick, Rett Martin, Lexi Mason Akervik, Heather Olson, Becky Yust, and Tom Fisher!

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