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Update: September 3, 2015

In 36 hours, the deadline to reach our goal for Design Global Outreach will pass. Help us beat this deadline and make an impact in dozens of children’s lives. We have raised over $3,000 so far but need your help. Make a gift today and help us raise the remaining $2,000.

We know you stand with us in socially responsible design with a global reach. Now is a great time to show your commitment. Will you join the many alumni and friends who are helping cover materials and shipping costs for our students?
Support Design Global Outreach  – Give $20

Thanks for all that you do,

Kate Maple
Assistant Dean, College of Design


Update: September 1, 2015

In 2014, you raised over $5,000 and helped students design and create over 250 garments to distribute to children in need in East Africa and Central America. Will you help students better the world through design again this year?

Here is the impact your gift can make:

  • $20 –  Prototyping materials to develop one dress or garment
  • $50 –   Materials to produce 5 uniforms in the classroom “factory”
  • $100 –  Course fee for one student (approximate)
  • $250 –  Cost for printing garment patterns and markers
  • $500 –  One rotary knife used for cutting many garments at once in the classroom
  • $1,000  –  Cost of shipping items internationally  

I have the honor of teaching the Technical Design Studio that will design, develop, and produce these garments and school uniforms. Students in the past have said that this class pushed them to expand their knowledge of what designers really do and how design and the garment industry can be a force for good in the world. The experience is an un-paralleled chance to design and operate a small production facility – skills that our students can carry forward to continue making a difference after graduation, by designing products that improve lives and create jobs.

For the kids who receive our garments, new well-made clothing is a very special gift. For the kids who receive school uniforms, the impact is even greater  –  a chance to go to school. Please give if you can to support design that makes a difference.

Support Design Global Outreach – Give $20

Thank you,

Dr. Lucy Elizabeth Dunne
Associate Professor, Design Housing and Apparel
College of Design

DGO_Student1Update: August 27, 2015

On Tuesday, I asked you to consider supporting our Design Global Outreach initiative.  Since 2011, alumni and friends have helped deliver student-designed clothing to children on three different continents. Students once again have the opportunity to see their work create real impact  – but we need your help!

Help us raise $5,000 by September 4 by giving $20 today.

Apparel design students in Professor Lucy Dunne’s technical studio course are designing with the needs of the children and youth in mind. Your donation is a gift to our students and to the children they are serving across the world. If we raise $5,000 before midnight on September 4, these apparel students will start the school year knowing that alumni and friends have covered the cost of their materials. Join this growing commitment and give a gift with global impact!

Show our students you support Design Global Outreach.


Becky L Yust 2015.-transparentpng
Becky L. Yust
Interim Dean, College of Design
Professor, Housing Studies

IMG_1550(1)August 25, 2015

This fall, apparel design students in Professor Lucy Dunne’s technical studio course will create new school uniforms and garments for children in Uganda, Nicaragua, and other parts of the world.  Students will gain hands-on experience by designing the uniforms and sewing them together. Will you help alleviate the cost for these students and help them learn how to better the world through design?  The first day of school is only two weeks away. To fully realize this project, we need your help raising $5,000.

Support Design Global Outreach – Give $20

Design Global Outreach– now in its fifth year­ – puts the design process into a global context that provides hands-on learning opportunities for students.  As we launch this campaign, I ask for your support. When students in Professor Dunne’s class arrive on campus this fall, your gift will help cover their materials and course fees, ensuring they are able to focus on their work.

For the past four years, alumni and friends like you have come together to support this important project. Help us make a difference around the world and give a gift with global impact.



Becky L Yust 2015.-transparentpng
Becky L. Yust
Interim Dean, College of Design
Professor, Housing Studies




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