Erin Bankson (Graphic Design) Wins T-Shirt Design Contest

Earlier this month, we welcomed the class of 2019 to campus for undergraduate orientation. Each incoming student left with a t-shirt designed by Erin Bankson (Graphic Design), which they’ll show off at Welcome Week this fall.

Her design integrates elements from each College of Design major, giving the new class a glimpse at the principles that connect their disciplines. Bankson appreciated the many opportunities she’s had to take classes with design students outside her graphic design major. “What inspired me most about getting to learn alongside students from other majors was the realization that as creatives, we all start from the same place in our work: the drawing board. We get to take our ideas and put them onto paper until we are ready to make them come to life,” she explained.

While she initially saw the t-shirt design contest as an opportunity to be creative outside the classroom, she really enjoyed putting together a meaningful design to represent her community.

“What I remember most about my own orientation was the overwhelming feeling of excitement as the parts that would make up my college experience started to come together,” she said. “Many of the people who once sat in a circle with me playing icebreaker games are now the people that have sharpened me as a designer, who have grown with me and collaborated with me.” And yes, she still wears the shirt.


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