Design without Debt

Student support has never been more critical. Today’s financial burdens on our students are real. Supporting scholarships not only relieves students from financial worries, but gives them the freedom to dream big and push the limits of their own education.

Making a gift today to honor Tom Fisher’s nearly twenty years as Dean is the perfect way to build off of his commitment and dedication to our students and the future of design.

Honor the legacy of Tom Fisher with a gift to students today.


What do scholarships mean to our students?

“My experience at the University of Minnesota comes at a significant cost, but the scholarships I have received have helped to relieve some of that burden from my shoulders. Having less debt has allowed me to focus on my studies with less stress, study abroad in Istanbul, and enjoy my time in college to the fullest. I am thankful to everyone who has supported me and am grateful for your kindness.”
Kyle Armstrong (Graphic Design)

“Without the support of scholarships, I would not have had the opportunity to participate on such a wide variety of university research teams. Participating on these teams has been an incredible opportunity for me as an undergraduate to serve and learn from a unique blend of collaborative and multidisciplinary people. I have gained firsthand insight into other fields and careers and their impact in understanding the complex issue of humans’ relationship to the physical environment.”
Austin Young (Architecture)

Qingkang Cao (Apparel Design & Retail Merchandising)

“Words cannot properly express my gratitude for the generous contribution of scholarships to my education. My parents have helped me as much as they can, but I am responsible for the majority of my educational expenses; scholarships go a long way towards helping me complete my degree.”
Sarah Frisque (Architecture)

“Receiving a scholarship is incredibly humbling. The recognition has motivated me to continue working hard at both my academic and research work. I am forever grateful for the help and support of scholarships and hope that I will be able to pay this forward someday.”
Caitlin Dippo (Architecture & Product Design)

Give $20 today to support students in the College of Design.

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