Jamey Berg (BS Interior '14) Licenses Class Assignment

DSC_9419-1.jpgThanks to community partners and a clever assignment, Jamey Berg (BS Interior ’14) turned her homework into a royalty agreement.

In fall 2013, Barry Kudrowitz’s Design & Food class made wooden serving utensils they could use at Thanksgiving dinner. Berg created a cake stand with immediate appeal to anyone with a small kitchen or limited storage space.

“While looking for inspiration images online, I came across a small cardboard cake stand, made for a dollhouse, that looked like it could be folded flat. I started to sketch some ideas based off of the cardboard image, and ended up with a flat pack cake stand.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.53.13 AM.pngOn the day of her critique, Cooks of Crocus Hill co-owner Karl Benson took note. “He was excited about the idea and helped connect me to Dave Benson at Epicurean. I signed a royalty agreement with Epicurean, who took care of the licensing process.” Her stands are now on sale at Cooks of Crocus Hill and will be featured in Epicurean’s catalog this spring.

Berg’s dreaming up other inventions and designs. “I have a number of ideas and projects that are in my head, sketched or in progress. As far as further designs for Epicurean go, I am waiting to see how my cake stand is received.”

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