What Do Gloves That Type and A Noise Cancelling Vest Have in Common?

IMG_9253-1.jpgApparel design students will present their innovative prototypes at Johnson Space Center during a trip to NASA headquarters April 19-21. The students researched and developed garments for NASA over the semester and now have the opportunity to show their work to the astronauts. Prototypes by the five teams, as pictured, include gloves that type, a space suit outer layer that enhances range of motion, research into placement of devices on the body, a noise cancelling vest, and a radiation resistant cargo bag that transformed into a wearable garment.

This is the third year the class has partnered with NASA and focused on wearable technology. This spring associate professor Lucy Dunne received NASA’s Silver Achievement Medal for her work with NASA related to the class.

IMG_9257.JPG IMG_9238.JPGIMG_9229.JPGIMG_9231.JPGResearch and development from the 2013 class was taken a step further and will soon be tested in zero gravity as part of NASA’s Microgravity U.