Tune In: Dean Fisher + James Corner on the Nicollet Mall Redesign

Nicollet-James-Corner-edited.jpgDean Tom Fisher is scheduled to be a guest on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Daily Circuit on Wednesday, February 2014 from 10:15-11:00 a.m.

TUNE IN: Nicollet Mall Redesign Firm Asking for Public Input

He will be joined by architect James Corner in a conversation about the Nicollet Mall redesign. In September 2013, Corner’s New York firm, James Corner Field Operation, was selected to carry out the $40 million redesign project. The city hopes to begin construction in 2015. 

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One comment

  • Interesting show. I was surprized that I did not hear the midtown greenway mentioned.
    Tho I have not been to the NYC Highline it sounds similar to the Greenway tho
    the former does not allow bikes (?) and the latter is primarily about bikes.

    I was pondering the problem of connecting the mall with the skyways. The vertical
    connection seems like a challenge. Stairs and escalators take space and create a barrier. Elevators take time. Has anyone designed a one-way nearly continuous small capacity elevator that goes up in one column but goes around and comes down in another with brief stops to load
    and unload? Seems like it might be made quicker than other solutions.

    The existing Greenway to Loring Park seems so under used. And it seems dark. I feel like if it were used more it would be used more. Maybe I dont get there at the right times.

    Is there a feasible way to extend the mall to the River without being along Hennepin?