Minnesota Monthly Speaks With Barry Kudrowitz About Food & Creativity

pdes_productbanner2.pngAssistant professor Barry Kudrowitz directs the Product Design program at the College of Design where his research assistants dive into topics like: How Play and Humor Fuel Innovation, The
Evaluation and Perception of Creativity
, and Sketching and Idea Generation. As an undergraduate, Kudrowitz wanted to design theme-park rides for Disney. He was accepted into the Culinary Institute of America, but went to MIT where he studied connections between creativity and humor instead.

IMG_20131016_104440-thumb-200x200-183892.jpgLast fall he combined his interests in a class called Food and Design, where edible experimentation led students to learn basic design concepts.

Minnesota Monthly
magazine caught up with Kudrowitz for their March 2014 issue, where he talks with them about about the  Food and Design course, getting kids to eat their vegetables, and why chefs are really designers.