2014 Fashion Show: What We Saw "Align" on the Runway

Jordyn Reich12.jpg

As dozens of models stepped onto the runway last Saturday night, the audience witnessed more than just a fresh debut of student work.They saw everything from bridal wear to kids fashion to ready-to-wear lines. They leaned in to see what was coming up next.

But they also saw the culminating transition of 19 senior apparel design students leaving the classroom behind for the studios, galleries, and design firms these soon-to-be graduates will go on to join.

When the last model left the stage and the lights went up, the audience saw 19 designers emerge onto take the first of many bows.

Thank you to everyone who mentored our students, participated in the production of the event, and showed their support by attending ALIGN on Saturday night. We’ll see you at the next show in February 2015.

Jordyn Reich1.jpg
Designer: Jordyn Reich

Carissa Prieve2.jpgDesigner: Carissa Prieve

Crystal Compton4.jpg
Designer: Crystal Compton

Jenny Hessman3.jpg
Designer: Jenny Hessman

Jessa Manthe4.jpg
Designer: Jessa Manthe
Karen Fiegen4.jpg
Designer: Karen Fiegen

Kayla Styczinski3.jpg
Designer: Kayla Styczinski
Kayna Hobbs1.jpg
Designer: Kayna Hobbs

Kira Erickson2.jpg
Designer: Kira Erickson

Kora Gleason1.jpg
Designer: Kora Gleason

Laura Schaefer4.jpg
Designer: Laura Schaefer

Lindsey Dewitt1.jpg
Designer: Lindsey Dewitt

Mai See Heurh2.jpg

Designer: Mai See Heurh

Mary Berglund4.jpg
Paul Erling13.jpg
Designer: Paul Erling

Reagan Rockers3.jpg
Designer: Reagan Rockers

Shannon Gauer4.jpg
Designer: Shannon Gauer

Stayce Petraborg5.jpg
Designer: Stayce Petraborg

Thanh Nguyen1.jpg
Designer: Thanh Nguyen

Find more photos from Align on Twitter at @SrFashionShow and on Facebook. You can also see Align: The Exhibition  on display in the Goldstein Museum of Design’s HGA Gallery, January18–March 9, in Rapson Hall. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

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