Art Shanty Project Goes Curling on White Bear Lake


Photos © NewStudio Architecture

The 2014 Art Shanty Projects on White Bear Lake were an artist driven temporary community that explored the ways in which a relatively unregulated public space (i.e. a frozen lake) could be used as a new and challenging artistic environment to expand notions of what art can be. 

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This year, alumni from NewStudio Architecture built an Art Shanty inspired by snowdrifts that form on frozen lakes. During the event it also served as a warming house for an outdoor curling rink.

Participants included Wale Falade (B.S. Arch ’04, MArch ’11), Erin Worms (B.Arch ’05, M.Arch ’12), Brita Hauser (M.Arch ’12), Danica Kane (M.Arch ’13), Chris Brenny (M.Arch ’13), and Seth Tep (BED ’05, B.S. Arch ’05, M.Arch ’11).

PHOTOS: 2014 NewStudio Architecture Art Shanty

Art Shanty Projects were open to the public during February 2014.

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