Student Perspective: Real World Design For A Purpose

20121206_ADes3227_Dunne_classroom_0020.jpgBecause of alumni and friends like you, we met our goal and raised $5,280 for Design Global Outreach.
Thanks to your support, apparel students started the school year with
an amazing surprise – materials and supplies fully funded by donors!

These past few weeks we’ve reached out to alumni and friends to support
our Design Global Outreach initiative. T
o learn why these projects are so important to our
students, we talked with apparel student Carissa Prieve, who took Prof. Lucy Dunne’s Technical
Design Studio last fall and designed clothing for the Blue House
orphanage in rural Uganda and the Girls Home of Pune, India. Products created by Carissa and her classmates were
delivered to the girls in India and Uganda earlier this year.


did you learn in Technical Design Studio?

[The course] taught me real world
design and designing for a purpose. This class pushed me to expand my knowledge
of what designers really do and how design can impact another person’s life.
Design is more than just making someone look pretty, it’s about making them
feel happy and confident inside and out.


was it like to work on products that you knew would actually be worn by people?

The final product had so much more meaning to it instead of
creating a pro
totype. Generally in our classes we design garments that end up
in a closet left untouched. The girls in Uganda and India became our
inspiration and made our class feel full of purpose.

What did you learn about the role of designers in a global
This class definitely challenged our thinking globally. We
had to take into consideration design regulations and hazards, how to improve
our communication back and forth to get our ideas across, and grasp a true
understanding of designing with the customer in mind.

What products did you make?
For this class the final group I was in designed red rain ponchos with hoods for
the girls at the Blue House Group in Uganda. We were told that it rains a lot
there and the girls would absolutely adore their presents.

What did it mean to know that alumni and friends covered the
cost of your materials last year?
Having the materials and fees covered for this course was
such a blessing. It benefited all of the students in the course, but also the
girls overseas.

In just a few days, students like
Carissa will again begin designing garments for children in need around the
world. We’re on our way to raising $5,000 to support this important work, but we
need help from alumni and friends to ensure full funding for this course.
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