A Gift with Global Impact: Support Design Global Outreach

[Update: September 6, 2013]

Because of alumni and friends like you, we met our goal and raised $5,280 for Design Global Outreach. Thanks to your support, apparel students started the school year with an amazing surprise – materials and supplies fully funded by donors!

This week they began designing school uniforms and other garments for children in need in Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Thank you. You’ve given our students the unique opportunity to make a difference, not just on campus, but on a global scale.

 DGOBanner3.jpg[Update: August 27, 2013]

We’re almost halfway to our $5,000 goal, but we still need help. I teach the Technical Design Studio that will make dresses and school uniforms this fall and I want to share why this is such an incredible opportunity for our students to make a difference around the world.

I recently spoke with one of my students from last year’s course, and her words capture the unique value of this work:

“[Your class] taught me real world design and designing for a purpose. The class pushed me to expand my knowledge of what designers really do and how design can impact another person’s life.”
– Carissa (Apparel Design)

For our students, this is a great opportunity to design with the needs of others in mind. For the kids who receive our garments, well-made clothing is truly a gift. Everyone benefits.

Please, give if you can and support design that makes a difference. Support Design Global Outreach – Give $20 Today

Thank you,

Dr. Lucy E Dunne
Assistant Professor, Design, Housing, and Apparel
College of Design

[Update: August 22, 2013]

Can we count on you?

Support Design Global Outreach – Give $20

On Tuesday, we asked you to support apparel students in our Design Global Outreach initiative.

Since 2011, alumni and friends have helped us provide student-designed clothing and products for orphans in Haiti, Uganda, and India. This year, students are expanding their scope to design school uniforms for children in need in Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa, but we need your help!

Your donation is a gift to our students and to the children they’re serving across the world. If we raise $5,000 before school starts–by midnight on August 30– our apparel students will start the school year knowing that alumni and friends have covered the cost of their materials fees. Give our students one less thing to worry about, and one more reason to make a difference.

Support Design Global Outreach – Give $20

DGOBanner2.jpg[Original Post: August 20, 2013]

Global perspective and social conscience are critical skills for the next generation of designers. Will you help our students learn how to better the world through design? In a few weeks, apparel students will begin designing dresses and school uniforms for orphans and children in need in rural Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa. But we need your help!

Support Design Global Outreach – Give $20

Your gift today will help cover the materials cost for our students, ensuring they are able to focus on their work, not extra course fees. To fully realize these projects, we need to raise $5,000 before school starts – by midnight on August 30. Give now and help our students make a world of difference.

For the past two years alumni and DSCN1230.jpgfriends have come together to support this important student work, first in Haiti after the 2010 disaster, and then in Uganda and India as we expanded our scope to help others in need. Today, you have a chance to be part of this growing commitment to global outreach. Help us make a difference around the world and give a gift with global impact.

Support Design Global Outreach – Give $20


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Tom Fisher
Professor and Dean
College of Design

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