Visit Us At the Minnesota State Fair

556319_643779218968219_1414013577_n.jpgminnesota-state-fair.jpgFor the next 12 days, just down the road from McNeal Hall, 1.7 million people will eat their weight in deep-fried food, use nearly half a million sticks on pronto pup and corn dogs, and if they stop by the Eco Experience, get a chance to see the Gen Y Eco House built by our architecture students.

Based on surveys and research conducted last spring, the students built a house that fits the ideal millennial home: dedicated DesignonaStick2.jpggathering spaces, energy conservation, renewable energy features, and more. The Eco Experience is located in the Progress Center on Randall Avenue.

We’ll also be at the Design booth in the U of M building on Dan Patch Avenue:

  • Thursday, August 29: Meet Goldstein Museum of Design staff, learn about our upcoming exhibitions, and walk away with your own Design on a Stick.
  • Monday, September 1: Graphic design faculty will share their current projects and answer questions about our graphic design program.

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