Students Partner with Architecture for Humanity in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

tumblr_ljq6b4Ga8i1qit8qgo1_400.jpgIn the spring of 2011, a group of graduate students from the School of Architecture spent eight weeks in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince working with Architecture for Humanity, a nonprofit dedicated to building a more sustainable future through professional design.

One of their projects included participation in the development of the master plan for Santo, a community located near the epicenter of the January 2010 earthquake. Amanda Pederson developed a digital system of layering graphic information to help filter data, work previously done by physically overlaying sheets of tracing paper.

“Her system is now regularly being used by the Haitian planning firm that facilitates interactions with the community,” explained Jim Lutz (Architecture) who led the trip. Lutz also pointed out that Brent Suski provided input on the compost latrines included in all 155 homes completed during the initial phase of the project

This spring, a second group of architecture students returned to Haiti to continue working on a variety of projects with Architecture for Humanity, including the settlement of Villa Rosa near downtown Port-au-Prince. Villa Rosa was hit especially hard by the 2010 earthquake. Architecture for Humanity is engaging residents in a large-scale planning effort to rebuild a more sustainable community.

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(left to right) Students currently in Haiti: John Greene, Angela Bateson, Danica Kane,
Jessica Andrejasich, Kristen Salkas, Niko Kubota-Armin; along with Abby
Kulinkus and Brent Suski who participated in the 2011 program and returned to Haiti this March to conduct research for their team graduate project on a processing plant in Ducis, Haiti

On April 18, the  students shared a meal (pictured below) with three University alumni working in Port-au-Prince: Ann Hake (M Arch ’07) with Architecture for Humanity, Andrew Ripp (M Arch ’09) of MSAADA Architects, and John Wade (M Arch ’11) of MSAADA Architects.


Our students head home next week. You can follow their last days in Port-au-Prince here.