Students, Faculty, and Staff Honored for their Contributions to the College

The following students, faculty, and staff were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the College of Design during our annual Honors and Awards event on Friday, May 4, 2012. 

Student Design and Scholarship Excellence 

Ben Vandenwymelenberg – Architecture Undergraduate Individual
Jeremy Bernardy – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Sosethika Chhuth – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Michael Jamison – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Katy Kenyon – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Nicholas Kramer – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Jessica McSherry – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Joshua Miller – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Cho Park – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Stefanie Perez – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Lane Pralle – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Ryan Radzak – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Devon Regan – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Emily Richardson – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Lindsey Richter – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Samuel Schroeder – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Benjawan Sinchai – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Jeff Swiontkowski – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Heng Zhao – Architecture Undergraduate Team
Brady Hickcox – Architecture Graduate Individual
Abby Kurlinkus – Architecture Graduate Team
Brent Suski – Architecture Graduate Team

Michael Dorfman – Landscape Architecture Undergraduate Individual
Anna Lawrence Bierbrauer – Landscape Architecture Graduate Team
Brendan Dougherty – Landscape Architecture Graduate Team
Miss Emily Lowery – Landscape Architecture Graduate Team
Andrew Montgomery – Landscape Architecture Graduate Team
Derek Schilling – Landscape Architecture Graduate Team

Sherry Sanden-Will – Apparel Design Undergraduate Individual
Kaila Bibeau – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Lucie Biros – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Khampasith Davison – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Ashton Frith – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Ellie Hottinger – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Misty Karges – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Jessica Loomis – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Grace Lorig – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Issa Mello – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Lucie Mulligan – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Rika Snyder – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Anna Sviben – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Jennifer Voth – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Susan Vue – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team
Mai Yang – Apparel Design Undergraduate Team

Linsey Gordon – Apparel Design/Apparel Studies Team
Silvia Guttmann – Apparel Design/Apparel Studies Team

Seoha Min – Apparel Studies Graduate Individual
Gozde Goncu-Berk – Apparel Studies Graduate Team
Helen Koo – Apparel Studies Graduate Team
MyungHee Sohn – Apparel Studies Graduate Team
Chad Sowers – Apparel Studies Graduate Team

Brittany Knoll – Interior Design Undergraduate Individual
Vanessa Barnhart – Interior Design Undergraduate Team
Nicole Dickenson – Interior Design Undergraduate Team
Amber Etzel – Interior Design Undergraduate Team
Lisa Zimmerman – Interior Design Undergraduate Team

Tera Peterson – Retail Merchandising Undergraduate Individual
Olivia Ferraro – Retail Merchandising Undergraduate Team
Molly Oberstar – Retail Merchandising Undergraduate Team
Arthur Oxborough – Retail Merchandising Undergraduate Team
Tera Peterson – Retail Merchandising Undergraduate Team

Ellen Schofield – Graphic Design Graduate Individual

Molly Eagen – ARCC King Medal

Seoha Min – CSA Adele Filene Award

College Awards

Justin Kindelspire – Outstanding Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Staff

Stephanie Dilworth – Outstanding Professional and Administrative Staff

Dan Clark – Outstanding Adjunct Teaching

Jillian Buttenhoff – Outstanding Graduate Student

Patrick Puckett – Outstanding Undergraduate Student

William Weber – Outstanding Outreach

Hye-Young Kim – Outstanding Research

Vincent deBritto – Outstanding Teaching

Lee Anderson – Outstanding Team Work
Vincent deBritto – Outstanding Team Work
Lucy Dunne – Outstanding Team Work
Mary Vincent Franco – Outstanding Team Work
Laurie Gardner – Outstanding Team Work
Pat Hemmis – Outstanding Team Work
Daniel Jasper – Outstanding Team Work
Wanda Loerch – Outstanding Team Work
Kate Maple – Outstanding Team Work
Paige Rohman – Outstanding Team Work


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  • My daughter is studying at College of Design Minnesota, I hope one day her name will be posted here. Congratulations to all of the winners.