Monday Minute, March 26, 2012: Investments, Excellence, and the 2012 Pulse Survey


Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal for the college-wide research and outreach RFP. With approximately $180,000 budgeted, we had over $660,000 worth of excellent ideas, and we have decided to move forward with the following in no particular order:

John Comazzi – Summer Design Lab for Educators

Barry Kudrowitz – Design and Food

Marilyn Bruin – Understanding Families in Net-Zero Housing

Abimbola Asoojo – Diversity and Design

William Weber, Rich Strong – Integrating Sustainable Design Research, Outreach and Education

David Pitt – Computer Programming Support for Use of GeoDesign Technology in Advancing Multifunctional Landscape Planning

John Carmody – Renewing the Center for Sustainable Building Research

Marilyn DeLong – Redefining, Redesigning Fashion

Speaking of excellence, Interior Design had their official accreditation last week. In my final meeting with the accreditation team, they listed off all of the critical strengths at the core of our program, and when the time came for the weaknesses, they looked around the room at one another and indicated they hadn’t found any! A special congratulations goes out to Denise, Caren, Tasoulla, Stephanie, Abi, Missy, the entire Interior Design program and DHA for all of their hard work in making our program the gold standard of interior design education.

And last but not least, on April 23, you received an email asking you to complete the 2012 Pulse Survey. Administered every other year, the Pulse Survey measures faculty and staff satisfaction and engagement with the University of Minnesota as an employer. This is your University, and your voice is very important. I want to personally ask you to take 20 minutes out of your work day to complete the survey.

Remember that your responses are confidential, and your participation is voluntary, but your feedback is important to the University and to our college. As you know, the College of Design takes seriously the findings of the Pulse Survey and is working to better incorporate Pulse Survey results into our management processes.

Have an excellent week.


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