Amber Sausen (MArch '10, MS Sustainable Design) Participates in Int'l Urban Sketchers Symposium

07AmberSausen.jpgAmber Sausen (MArch ’10, MS Sustainable Design)
participated in the 2011 Urban Sketchers Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal.
The three-day symposium brought together sketchers from six continents
to draw in the city. Sketches and lectures from the symposium were
documented in the recently released book Urban Sketchers em Lisboa desenhando a cidade.

Sausen works for Architectural Alliance
where she is a designer and manages sustainability documentation (i.e.
LEED, B3) for several projects. Architectural Alliance is a
Minneapolis-based architectural design firm with architects, interior
designers, planners and support staff. It provides planning,
architectural, and interior design services and has received
international recognition and design awards.

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