Landscape Architecture Students Reinvigorate University Avenue with the Starling Project

Starling Project 1.jpg

The project’s name is a metaphor: starlings are birds that use existing nests.

In an effort to revitalize vacant storefronts along the Central Corridor light rail line, students in the Landscape Architecture program are playing matchmaker. The Starling Project aims to bring property owners and local community organizations together for month-to-month opportunities while University Ave is under construction.

“The economic downturn has led to a surge of entrepreneurial thinking in all fields,” says co-founder Ben Shardlow in a press release. “Many individuals and groups are nimble and flexible enough to benefit from having a space month at an attractive price, and new enough to prefer that to a longer contract.”

The project organizers, including Landscape Architecture student Kristen Murray and Master of Urban and Regional Planning student Ben Shardlow, have information on every vacant storefront between Hwy 280 and Cretin-Vandalia. Starling Project is open to inquires from interested parties looking for retail, office, studio, or event space. You can find more information on their website.

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