Monday Minute, October 17, 2011: Advisory Board Recap

Thumbnail image for Tom Headshot.jpgDear Colleagues,

Last week our advisory board members from across the country, and around the world, descended on our College for our biannual meeting. The feedback that we received was both reassuring and extremely helpful. They liked our updated mission, and enthusiastically supported our vision and the direction we’re headed. They also heard inspiring student stories – including a presentation by M Arch students regarding Haiti – and saw first-hand the state-of-the-art DigiFabLab and upcoming virtual reality installation in Rapson courtyard. The board thinks that our direction and the investments we’ve made and continue to make, have put us on a course to transform design education, our disciplines, and people’s perceptions of our College.

Some of our board members have also worked hard to ensure that our college and our students have a lasting international profile abroad – specifically in Istanbul, Turkey. For those of you who attended Rendezvous with the U on Friday evening, you saw and heard the latest in our efforts to establish a permanent educational presence in Istanbul available to students across the college and University. I will keep you posted on our progress, but architecture Assistant Professor Ozayr Saloojee deserves the lion’s share of the credit on the college side to bring this dream to reality. Thank you Ozayr.

This week will mark a milestone in the relationship of our College with Target Corporation. Three miles separate our two organizations, both design leaders in the country, and to date, the relationships between Target’s design team and our College have been ad hoc. While these relationships have been useful, both our College and Target recognize the need for a more intentional, designed relationship to help foster greater synergies between us and more mutually beneficial results. We will be having a two-day charette with Target later this week to explore possibilities and I look forward to reporting back on its outcomes in the coming days.

Have a great week,